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How Much Would Drogon Cost to Feed?

HOW MUCH WOULD DROGON COST TO FEED? Daenery's dragons allow her to become increasingly powerful in the Game of Thrones universe, but in order to keep her most important assets functioning, they need to be fed. So how much would Drogon, the biggest of the dragons cost to feed? Drogon is 80 feet in length in the most recent season. 100m 100m 90m 90m 80m 80m 70m 70m 60m 60m 50m 50m 40m 40m 30 10m 10m Om Just to stay alive and healthy, Drogon would need around 400,000 calories per day. Surviving on sheep, he would need 2.8 sheep per day just to live. If he wanted to breathe fire, then we need to figure out how much extra energy he would need. Basing the calculations on a WWII flamethrower, Drogon would need one sheep for every 10 seconds of breathing fire. So if Drogon wants 10 seconds of fire breath per day, we would need: 3.8 sheep per day to fully function or 1,387 sheep per year. So, comparing the Game of Thrones universe to 14th Century England, a sheep would cost 17 pence, meaning Drogon would cost a medieval kingdom 23,579 pence per year. In that period, the royalty of England raised 12 million pence per year in taxes, meaning Drogon would have cost them around 0.20% of the annual budget. Or 0.60% for all three dragons. In 2016, around 6% of the UK's budget is spent on defence, so a defence budget of 0.60% is pretty impressive! SOURCES: PRODUCED BY, Portable, No 2 medievalucdavis.cdu/120D/Money.html shade STATION

How Much Would Drogon Cost to Feed?

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The dragons from HBO's iconic Game of Thrones series are one of the memorable elements from the show, but in a world where you have dragons at your disposal, you need to feed them. So how much would D...


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