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Game of Thrones: A Chronology of the Houses Seasons 1-4

GAMEOF THRONES A Chronology of the Houses Seasons I-IV House Slark Hoex Larnistar Housa Beralhaon The Night's Watch House largaryen Spolers Up To Season IV Episode VI House Stark Chronalogy Seasons I- IV Seasan Robert Baratheon requests for Eddard Stark to travel to King's Landing to became the Hand of the King Lady Catelyn (Warden of the North) Arya Stark & Ny meria Robb Stark Sansa Stark & Lady Rickon Stark Benjen Stark Theon Greyjoy Maester Luwin Mordane Cassel • Vayon Poole old Nan (The First Sward of Brasvos) Season II - House Slark Rob Stark bccomes King of the North' and devlares war against the Lannisters. Talisa Stark (Oueenl Robb Stark ing of the North) Brienne of Tarth Jaime Lannister Stark IThe King Slayerl Roose Bolton Rickard Karstark Brynden Tully IThe Blackfishi Edmure Tully Theon Greyjoy -Arya Stark & Companions Arya Stark travels north posing ss a boy in Yoren's party bound for the Wall Arya Stark Hot Pie Yoren - Bran & Hickon Escape from Winterfell Bran Stark &Summor Rickon Stark & Shaggydog Osha Hodar Maester Luwin Season III The Red Wedding The maksacre arrarced by Walder Frey takes place in the Twins. Talisa Stark (Queen) Robb Slark (King of the North & Greywind • Lady Calnlyn Slark Roose Bolton Brynden Tully Edmure Tully Roslin Frey Walder Frey (Black walder Arya Stark Arya travels along side the Drotherhood without Danners. haping to reunite with her Family. Arya Stark Berie Dondarrion Gendry Tharos Anguy & Rickon Travel north towards Bran Slark & Summer Rickon Stark & Shaggydog Hodor Jojen Reed Meera Reed Theon and Ramsay Theon is captured and taken prisoner. Theon Greyjoy Ramsay Season IV - Bran & Companions Travel north in search af the threa-eyed raven. & Summer Hodor Jojen Reed Meera Reed Arya & The Hound- Travel towards Eyrie. SEnUor Ctegang Sansa & The Arryn's Sansa is takean to her aunt Lsya in Eyrie. Lord Petyr Baelish (Littlefinger! Ly sa Arryn faverlord af the Vale of Arryn) Rebin Arryn Sansa Stark (Princess of Winterfell) "You don't laak like a Thean Greyjoy any more. Thal's a nams for a lord, but you're not a lard, are you? You're just. meat stinking meat. You reek! Reek! That's a good name for you." Theon Greyjey IRook) Rameay Snow Yara Greyjoy (Princess of the fron Islands) House Lannister Chronelogy Seasons I- IV Season - House Lannister - Rabert Barathean travels back to King's Landing with Ned Stark as the Hand of the King • King Robert Baratheon (King of the Andals Queen Cersei Baratheon lon Arryn (Hand of the King Princess Barathoon Boratheon Storm's End) Lerd Petyr Baelish (Littieinger) Grand Maester Pycelle Lord Varys (The Spider) Ser Barristsn Selmy (Barristan Ser Meryn Ser Jaime Lannister (The Kingslayer) Ser Boros Blount Trant the Bold) Ser Preston Greenield Ser Mandon Ser Arys Oakheart Ser Gregor (The Muuntain) Padrisk Ser llyn Payne IThe King's Justice! Payne Season II - House Lannister Tywin arrives in King's Lan ding towards the Battle of Blackwater'with a Lurge faren af Lannister-Tyrull soldiers ta win the battle. Lord Tywin Lannister (Lerd of Casterly Rock King Jofrey (King of the Andals the FiraL Menl Queen Regent Laneister Tyrion Lannister (The Hand of the King! Shae Prince Tommen Baratheon Princess Myrcella Barstheon Lord PetyrBaelish (Littlefinger) Grand Lord Varys Maester Pycelle Ser Grego Clegane (The Mountain! (The Hound) Sandor clegane Ser Meryn Trant Ser Boros Blount Ser Presto Greenfel Ser Mandor Moore Ser Arys Oakheart Ser Ilyn Payne (The King's Justice) Podrick Payne Sanna Slark Hear Me Roar Season III Tywin asserts his authority over King's Landing taking over as Hand of the King from Tyrian Lord Tywin Lannister (Lord of Casterly Rock) Barathoon Margaary Tyrell Queen Tyrion Lannister annister Lord Petyr Baelish Grand Maester Lord Varys Pycelle Ser Gregor Sandor (The Mountain! (The HOund) Ser Meryn Ser Baros Blount Ser Preston Greenfield Ser Ilyn Payne (The King's Justice) - Jaime & Brienne Tuken taptive by Lerke und his men Ser Jaime Lannister (The Kingslayer) Breinne of Tarth Season IV - The Purple Wedding King Joffrey is poisoned during the wedding feast and Tyrion Lannister is rrested for his murder. Lord Tywin Lannister Casterly Rockl King Jo ffrey Baratheon (King of the Andals & the First Men) King Tommen Baratheon Queen Margaery Tyrell Regent Cersei Lannister Ser Jaime olenna Tyrell Lannister IThe Kingslayerl Maester IThe Spider) Pycelle Ser Gregor clegane (The Mountaini Ser Meryn Ser Preston Ser Boros Blount Greenfeld Ser Ilyn Pavne (The King's Justicel -House Martell- Prince Oberyn arrives at King's Landing. Prince Oberyn Martell (The Red Viper) Ellaria Sand - Brienna & Podrick - Leave King's Landing in search of Sansa Stark. Podrick Breinne of Tarth Payne - Tyrion Lannister Imprixoned in King's Landing prisan eells by Cercei Lannister. Tyrion Lannister The Imol

Game of Thrones: A Chronology of the Houses Seasons 1-4

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Here is an infographic about the amazing television show Game of Thrones. The infographic shows the chronology of the five main families over the last four seasons. Please note that this is only...


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