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Facts About Time Lords

FACTS A B OU T TIME L ORDS Also known as: Lords of Time, Chronarchs, Dominus Temporis Graduates of The Time Lord Academy Time Lords, Ladies Time Lord Academy Gallifrey and Tots From Gallifrey Also known as: The shining world of the seven systems Translates to "They walk in the shadows" Not sure how - they have two suns. Anatomy physiology Externally identical to humans, internally - different story Triple-Stranded DNA Thoughts are that this is what leads to regeneration but we will get to that. They need a lot less sleep, as little as Internal Body Temperature of about 16°C (60°F) 1 hour They have very big brains with more hemispheres and complex connections, I was going to draw one but since I don't know what a brain with a few extra hemispheres would look like I decided not to. Souped up metabolism, Superhuman reflexes and heightened sense. But no they don't see dead people. THEY ALSO HAVE The two hearts thing is a Gallifreyan quality not just a Time Lord one. The two hearts help the regeneration process. Although if both hearts stop, regeneration is not quite possible. They can survive on one but they • are very weak because of it. HEARTS Having a binary vascular system apparently is, more efficient. I think they are just greedy. Lord Bit At age 80 they start at the Time Lord Academy. Forced to look into the Untempered Schism during a special ceremony which contains the Time Vortex. That Time Vortex contains their powers. Gallifreyans react differently to the effects of the Time Vortex: GET INSPIRED RUN AWAY GO MAD Personally feel like this is verging on child abuse. Only one of those choices is a positive. Running away and going mad does not sound fun. Now their powers... REGENERATIO N 121 507 Can happen between... Times. How can they regenerate? Giving Time Lords a Total of between 13 and 508 faces over their life time. They can change appearance but it is more than just a face lift and wig, they completely change. Their personality (psychologically) changes too - same memories though, a bit like reincarnation but not. Ok, so there are two theories but nothing set in ОН! stone. It also hurts, get that Time *Lord a bandagel Two Hearts Triple Strand Helix Neither of which are real things. OUCH Time Lords were all but wiped out during The Last Great War, all except one but WHO Brought to you by:

Facts About Time Lords

shared by Maciver on Aug 30
I was asked to produce "geeky" infographics, all my own content, and humour.




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