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Doctor Who

The Doctor is The Third The Fourth Doctor 1974 - 1981 Time Lord Doctor 1970 - 1974 The First Doctor The Fourth Doctor's trademark scarf was over 18 feet long. He often carried a bag of Jelly Babies in his coat pocket. Time Lords hail from the planet Gallifrey in the Kasterborous Cluster. Also known as The Shining World of the Seven Systems, it was located at coordinates 10-0-11-0-0 by 0-2 from Galactic Center. 1963 - 1966 The First Doctor's original companion was Susan Foreman, his granddaughter. The Second Doctor 1966 - 1969 The Time Lords exiled the Third Doctor on Earth for some time. He sometimes drove an antique automobile he called "Bessie. He often fought The Master, an evil renegade Time Lord. The Doctor has two hearts The Second Doctor often played a recorder to help him concentrate Like all Time Lords, the Doctor has two hearts and He was put on trial by the Time Lords and forced to regenerate into the Third Doctor. The Doctor considers himself the Earth's protector The Doctor is over 900 years old a binary vascular system. He can go without oxygen for extended periods, has super-human stamina and can withstand certain types of radiation. The Doctor is quite fond of humanity and frequently defends the Earth from alien threats. The TARDIS The Fith When a Time Lord becomes aged or mortally injured, their body will regenerate into a new form. They will look completely different and may even have a new personality, but they're still the same person. Doctor The TARDIS is the Doctor's time machine, space ship and home. Short for Time And Relative Dimension In Space, it can travel anywhere in time, as well as to any point in the universe. 1981 - 1984 POLICE E BOX III Traditionally Time Lords were limited to twelve regenerations, but the Eleventh Doctor recently stated that he could regenerate over 500 times. The Fifth Doctor often wore a stalk of Earth celery on his lapel, claiming it would turn purple in the presence of certain gases to which he was allergic. He also called it "an excellent III 1I The TARDIS is "dimensionally transcendental," meaning it's bigger on the inside than the outside. It contains a near infinite number of rooms, including a pool and library. The TARDIS features a "chameleon circuit" which disguises its exterior to blend in with its surroundings. The Doctor's TARDISs has a faulty circuit and is permanently frozen in the shape of a 1950s British Police Call Box. restorative. The Sixth Doctor The Doctor's TARDIS is a Type 40 Model and has had almost as many different looks as he has, changing its shape, size and even color over the years. 1984 - 1986 The Sixth Doctor was also put on trial by the Time Lords. The prosecutor was the Valeyard, who may be a future evil version of The TARDIS was grown, not built, and seemingly has a mind of its own, often taking the Doctor to a place at a crucial point in history. It can also repair and heal itself. The Doctor occasionally works alongside UNIT the Doctor. The Doctor's ability to control the TARDIS varies wildly. Sometimes he can pilot it with pinpoint accuracy, while other times he misses his intended destination by centuries. UNIT, the Unified Intelligence Taskforce, is a secret military organization that protects Earth from extraterrestrial and supernatural threats. It was headed for many years by Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, a close acquaintance of the Doctor The TARDIS was designed to be piloted by six Time Lords simultaneously, which explains the Doctor's trouble with piloting it by himself. It was also revealed that the TARDIS makes its characteristic The sound during materialization because "he leave the parking brake on." Seventh Doctor 1987 - 1989, 1996 The Doctor was The Eighth a wanted man on Gallifrey Doctor 1996 The Seventh Doctor clashed with the Rani, an evil female The Ninth Doctor The Time Lords had a strict non- Time Lord. interference policy when it came to other planets, something which the Doctor strongly opposed. 2005 The Eighth Doctor claimed to be half human on his mother's side, a fact which is still in dispute. The Doctor has an actual name that is known only to a few close associates He "borrowed" a TARDIS from a work shop and began travelling through time and space, saving worlds. The Time Lords branded him a renegade and a criminal for his actions. The Ninth Doctor sacrificed himself to save his human companion Rose Tyler, was dying after absorbing the Heart of the TARDIS. Sonic Screwdriver He sometimes goes by the alias "John Smith. The Doctor dislikes weapons and is armed only with his wits and his Sonic Screwdriver. This incredible device can perform an amazing array of functions, from unlocking doors to gaining access to computers, and even remotely controlling the TARDIS. The Tenth Doctor 2005 - 2010 The Eleventh Doctor The Doctor has had several different types of Sonics over the years. Recent models of the Sonic were grown by the TARDIS itself and are an extension of it. 2010 - The Doctor is now the Last Of The Time Lords The Tenth The Eleventh Doctor thinks bowties, fezzes and Stetsons are cool. Doctor has a "daughter" cloned from his genetic matrix and a regenerated duplicate living on an Earth in a parallel dimension. He also enjoys fish sticks and custard. Gallifrey fought against the evil Dalek race in the Last Great Time War. The Doctor played a pivotal role in the War and eventually ended it by activating a doomsday weapon that destroyed both sides, leaving him the last Time Lord in the universe. CANADA! ala nndd

Doctor Who

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Here's everything you've ever wanted to know about the Doctor, but were afraid to ask. I think this is the first time in my life I've ever drawn the TARDIS. It was surprisingly hard! It seems like ...


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