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The Cost of Being Batman

THE COST OF BEING BATMAN Custom Graphite Cowl Retinal Projection System $10,000 $1,000,000- Carbon Fibre Reinforcements Kevlar Nomex Rody Armour $1,1 50 - $3,000 Kevlar Nonex Elbow Pads SI 50 Kevlar Nomex Groin Armour S1.000 Forearm Rlades $1,000 Kevlar Nomex Gloves $150 Kevlar Nomex Knee Pads Memory Cloth Polymer Cape $150 540,000 - Kevlar Nomex Custom Boots Ultrasonic Bat Attractor S1,000 $1,000 VEHICLES BATMAN'S VEHICLES COST A TOTAL OF ALMOST $80,000,000 The Tumbler $18,000,000 The tumbler was developed for Wayne Enterprises Applied Sciences Division as a military bridging vehicle. It boasts stealth, jet engine, self-destruct, armour plating, front mounted machine guns, remote control system, GPS & Batpod escape vehicle - all for just $18 million. The Batpod $1,500,000 The Batpod acts as an escape vehicle from the Tumbler when Batman initiates its self-destruct sequence in the Dark Knight. Its 20" wheels form the front wheels of the Tumbler. The Batpod is steered by shoulder movements, rather than by hand, and the rider's forearms are protected by shields - not bad for $1.5 million. The Bat $60,000,000 Powered by two large propellers on either side of its undercarriage that create a vortex of air to lift the vehicle off the ground. The closest thing to a real life Bat Wing is the US Marines V-22 Osprey - A tilt rotor aircraft with the functions of a plane & helicopter RESIDENCE WAYNE MANOR'S RUNNING COSTS - $37,000 PER YEAR WAYNE MANOR & THE BAT CAVE Following the destruction of Wayne Manor & the Bat Cave in the Dark Knight, the Wayne Estate was re-built at an estimated cost of $600,000,000 ALFRED ROLES & SALARY PER YEAR. Butler - $80,000 Estate Manager - $150,000 PREVIOUS ROLES.. Carer for young Bruce Wayne $55,000 GADGETSBATMAN'S HUGE ARSENAL OF GADGETS CSTS $21 3,610 $5,000 - $50,000 TPLS Grappling Hook Launcher - $50,000 Laser Microphone $50,000 Portable Spectrometer - $30,000 Thermal Camera - $15,000 Hand-held Grenade Launcher - $6,000 Night-Vision Monocular - $5,000 $100 - $1,000 TOTAL WEAPONS COST OVER $10,000 Batarang Throw ing Stars x3 - S1,000 - Explading Batarang x3- $1,000 Remote Detonating Btarang -S1,000 Long Range Microphone - S1,000 Grenade (Minil x3- S600 Tear Gas Grunade x3- $600 GPS Trecking Device SS00 Automatic Lock Pick - 5500 Periscope - 5300 Encrypted Memory Stick $250 TRAINING PATMAN'S TRAINING & EDUCATION COSTS $213,610 MILITARY PILOT TRAINING $500,000 SPECIAL FIREARMS TRAINING $500,000 SEVERAL ENGINEERING DEGREES $500,000 TOTAL COST OF BEING BATMAN $682,450,750

The Cost of Being Batman

shared by onebourbon on Jul 22
As you can imagine, the cost of being BATMAN is astronomical! Aside from the costume design, materials, and everything else involved, you have to factor in vehicles, residences, gadgets, and trainin...


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