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Superhome for Superheroes

SUPERHOMES FOR SUPERHEROES The cost of finding the perfect retreat from the forces of evil After a long day fighting bad guys, most superheroes will travel faster than a speeding bullet to get back to the cosy comforts of their superhomes. From humble family houses to marvellous mansions, we've estimated the cost of buying some of the homes of the most popular superheroes - white goods and gadgets not included! BATMAN In The Dark Knight Rises, In the Dark Knight Rises, exterior shots of Batman's Wayne Manor were filmed at Wollaton Hall in Nottingham. This Elizabethan mansion cost £8,000 to build - but that was nearly 500 years ago in England. Today, buying Wayne Manor in New York State (substituting for Gotham) would easily cost more than £50,000,000. BRUCE WAYNE WAYNE MANOR, GOTHAM CITY £50, 000,000 SPIDER-MAN Saving the world doesn't pay great - just ask Peter Parker about the financial benefits of being Spider-Man.So the photographer-cum-superhero spent years living in the Forest Hills area of New York at his Aunt May's home, worth around £400,000. PETER PARKER FOREST HILLS, NEW YORK £400,000 SUPERMAN I it a penthouse? Is it a mansion? No, it's a third-storey apartment in midtown! Clark Kent's modest flat could be snapped up for something north of £105,000 (if we swap Metropolis for New York). But his Superman alter ego also has a far more substantial retreat in the artic.Made from Kryptonian crystals, the Fortress of Solitude is absolutely priceless. CLARK KENT METROPOLIS £105, 000 IRON MAN Inspired by the creations of legendary architect John Lautner, Iron Man's jaw-dropping home is truly worthy of the superhero billionaire.Lautner-designed properties in Malibu have changed hands for £22,000,000, but these impressive houses would be dwarfed by this incredible mansion. Given its size and with a 47% premium included for its prime cliff-top location, we're estimating the cost of Iron Man's pad at £129,000,000. TONY STARK -AMHOAD MALIBU, CALIFORNIA £129, 000, 000 FANTASTIC FOUR Spanning the top five floors of the fictitious Baxter Building on Madison Avenue, the Fantastic Four's pad is ideally located for battling the regular threats faced by New York. In the recent movies, the apartment block's role is played by the 22-storey Marine Building in Vancouver. By our estimates, this would make their base roughly 42,646 ft2. With residential rates at about £564 per ft2 on the famed advertising strip and including a standard higher-floor charge of 1% per storey, buying the superheroes' base would cost approximately £28,862,134. 1. MISTER FANTASTIC 2. INVISIBLE WOMAN 3. HUMAN TORCH 4. THE THING BAXTER BUILDING, NEW YORK £28, 862,134 Web-Blinds SOURCES: Building lautner house.html Hlills NY-11375 building.detail-1 type-1 VNINMANAN/M | || III |||| HEILE

Superhome for Superheroes

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Find out where superheroes live and how much their homes are worth!




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