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Breaking Bad by the Numbers

Breaking Bad by the Numbers Crystal meth, the controversial drug at the center of the TV series Breaking Bad, has become a popular party drug that in high doses induces euphoria, enhances self-esteem, and increases libido. But with a severe come-down and increased doses required to achieve the same effect, the drug is highly addictive and open to abuse. Breaking Bad and the role of Meth Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 4. Their first lab in the back of a van explodes C10 1. Walt White is a high school chemistry teacher living in Albuquerque, 5. They encounter problems with local meth drug dealers New Mexico. He was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer 7. They create a mass distribution model for meth 2. He decides to make crystal meth to earn some money for his family 3. Walter and Jesse become partners in an attempt to manufacture and distribute 6. Walter's drug dealings are discovered by his wife, who demands a separation 8. Jesse is under investigation by the DEA methamphetamine His 10. With threats of arrest, Jesse and Walter begin to turn on each other 12. Walter and his wife use drug money to purchase a car-wash business, under the charade of being gambling addicts 11. Walter and lesse are on a hit 9. Walter must choose between his wife and a multi- million dollar drug deal and lab list after their benefactor loses faith in them, leading to Walter planning the assassination of Gus Facts about Meth in America Effects Psychosis & Paranoia Damage to small blood vessels in the brain that can lead to stroke Corrosion of nose lining Meth mouth problems including Hyposalivation and Bruxism Itchy skin and acne Tooth decay from corrosive chemicals N-methyl-1-pheny lpropan-2-amine Molocular Mass 149.233 g/mol Nausea, diaphoresis, hypertension, tremors Formula C10H15N Tachycardia, heart inflammation & stroke Convulsions & elevated body temperature How much does it cost? Risk of HV, Hepatitis and Sexual Dysfunction Meth is a relatively cheap drug, which makes it attractive to young users. Though price varies between cities, a 'point' (0.1g) can be bought on average for less than $5 - enough to give the user a high for up to 24 hours. IODINE $20 S40 $80 1g Average number of meth users by month Also known as. Meth, Shard, Ice, Glass, Shaboo, Shabs, Crystal, C, Crystal Meth, Okie Coke, Tweak, Tina, Batu, Batunas, Crank, Chicken Feed 800,000 Signs of a meth addiction 600,000 Increased agitation and hyperactivity Weight loss or loss of appetite Excessive sweating Rapid speech Increased sexuality Insomnia Repetitive compulsive behavior Paranoia and delusions 400,000 200,000 Violent outbursts, aggression and iritability 2006 2007 2008 2009 3 Critical success of Breaking Bad The actors of Breaking Bad: Breaking Bad has received critical acclaim in addition to numerous awards and nominations, including six Emmy Awards and Bryan Cranston winning the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series three years in a row. BRYAN CRANSTON plays Walter White - formerly Hal in Malcolm in the Middle Number of viewers by season Mad Men Premiered July 2007 The Killing Premiered April 2011 AARON PAUL plays Jesse Pinkman - formerly Scott Quittman in Big Love Walking Dead Premiered October 2010 Breaking Bad Premiered January 2008 (millions) ANNA GUNN plays Skyler White formerly Jean Ward in The Practice & Martha Bullock on Deadwood 5-50 5.00 - 4.50 - GIANCA RLO ESPOSITO plays Gustavo Fring - formerly Mike Giardello in Homicide: Life on the Street 4.00 3-50 - 3.00 - DEAN NORRIS plays Hank Schrader - formerly W.D. Twitchell in Tremors: The Series 2.50 2.00 - 2.0 1.75 – BETSY BRA NDT plays Marie Schrader - formerly Libby in Without A Trace 1.50 The season 4 premier became the most watched episode of the series with 2.6 1.25 - After an increase of 40% for the season premier, the average dropped to between 1.2 and 1.0 - RJ MITTE plays Walter White Jr. - coming up as Tim in House of Last Things 75 million viewers 50 - 1.8 million BOB ODENKIRK plays Saul Goodman - formerly in Mr. Show with Bob and David. .25 - Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Metacritic ratings: Collated summary of critic recommendations Breaking Bad MADMEN 74 77 WALKING DEAD 84 the KILLING 82 Awards 2008 2009 2010 2011 NOMINATED Dean Norris Best Supporting WON WON WON WON WON WON NOMINATED Bryan Cranston Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Lynn Willingham Outstanding Bryan Cranston Lynn Willingham Bryan Cranston Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing for Aaron Paul Outstanding Saturn Award Outstanding Lead Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Supporting Actor Syndicated/Cable Series Best Single-Camera Actor in a Drama Picture Editing for a Drama Series Actor on Television Series Series in a Drama Series Television Series a Drama Series Information Provided By: NURSING SCHOOLS Sources: I I I I I 000'ros 000v LE 000'6z9 000ʻLEL IZ

Breaking Bad by the Numbers

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This infographic provides information about the t.v show, Breaking Bad, which is about a high-school teacher who produces and sells crystal meth. This infographic also provides information about the d...


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