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Behind the Scenes: Top Six Craft Beer Brands in Britain

BEHIND THE SCENES - OF - THE TOP SIX CRAFT BEER BRANDS Beavertown Brewery EAVERTOWN BRAND STORY: Built from a passion for all things Illuminati and Knights Templar, the logo is based on the 'All Seeing Eye' on a dollar bill. DESIGN: Grunge Lettering, Chaotic Labels, Humour & Revelry WHERE: London Siren Craft Brew SIREN CRAFT BREW. BRAND STORY: The Sirens of Greek mythology would entice mariners with their magical songs. Their voices would entwine into a complex, layered melody. Siren Craft Brew work in a similar ingredients that interact together in magical ways to their ales. SIREN CRAFT BREW. way, combining four WHERE: Berkshire DESIGN: Sharp Lettering, Intricate Illustrations, LIQUID MISTRESS Femme Fatale RED IPA Wild Beer Co THE HILD BEER co BRAND STORY: Created using a combination of both new and ancient ques, The Wild Beer Co don't like to be confined by rules or tradition. They use their imagination, passion and the all important Wild 5th ingredient or process to create a memorable drinking experience. WHERE: Somerset DESIGN: Strong Lettering, Distinctive Deer Icon, Bright Colours HILD BEER co fresh HILD BEER co THE WILD BEER Wildebeest T HILD BEER co Hadness Rf THE WILD BEER co Bliss Delta trushed Capren t Epie Sarson Se Spies sted r Crip Zesty y Liverpool Craft Beer BRAND STORY: Liverpool Craft Beer feel that the term Craft Beer is overused and misunderstood. They don't believe in making a scene about their beer and instead let the beer do the talking. DESIGN: Simple Silhouettes, Soft Lettering, Nature & Wildlife WHERE: Liverpool KEE BA BRI RYE GO PÁLE ALE SN A/SSML Partizan Brewing PARTIZAN BRAND STORY: When the designer was told that the beers had character, Store Up-rig AN he took this literally and created his illustrations based on this. The Porter label has porters and the Stout label features large, muscly men. WHERE: London 8.2% DESIGN: Simple Lettering, Playful Artwork, Bold Colours Bottle BB Conto malte NUMBERS Brew By Numbers BREW BY -BBN 으 - ' RE NO- BRAND STORY: Brew By Numbers strive to create new, exciting, forward-thinking beers and take inspiration from flavour combinations from everyday life. The first two numbers on the bottle represents the style of beer and the second two numbers represent the recipe within that style based on the ingredients used. BREW BY NUMBERS DESIGN: Classic Lettering, Minimalist Labels, Monochrome Style WITBIE CLASSIC WHERE: London ON HANDCRAFTED IN LON Presented by:. MOJO PROMOTIONS The branded merchandise specialists ......

Behind the Scenes: Top Six Craft Beer Brands in Britain

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With so many beer festivals coming up over the next few months , we wanted to celebrate the art of beer branding with this fancy infographic. Here we have picked out our favourite craft beer brands, t...


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