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The Rise Of The Online Degree

THE RISE OF THE ONLINE DEGREE: HOW 2011 STUDENTS ARE piploma of TURNING THEIR BEDROOM INTO A CLASSROOM UNDERSTANDING THE TREND How many students are taking online courses? How much has online education grown? Students that enrolled in at least one online course in the fall semester: 2006 3.5 million HYMANMAMININOM 3.94 million 2007 +12% from 2006 4.6 million 2008 +17% from 2007 22 million predicted to be enrolled in some form of online coursework in 2014 2014 "Online enrollments in U.S. higher education show no signs of slowing. More than one out of four college and university students now take at least one course online." "(In] schools that have online classes, almost 75% of them said demand went way up. Of schools that don't have online classes, 2/3 said their students were asking for online courses." Why are students opting for online learning? MANY STUDENTS ARE CITING THE DOWN-TURNED ECONOMY AND THE PRICE OF GAS AS PRIME REASONS FOR CHOOSING ONLINE STUDY. With gas prices on the rise, commuter Because of the economic downturn of the past several years, more students need to maintain some form of employment as they attend school to make ends meet. Online courses have always been a popular choice for the working student due to the flexibility they offer. students are finding that taking classes from home helps them save money over driving to the campus multiple times during the week. In what disciplines are they pursuing this online learning? 2$ BUSINESS HEALTHCARE EDUCATION ENGINEERING WHAT ONLINE LEARNING ENTAILS How do online learning classes work? There are three types of online classes, each with varying amounts of time spent face-to-face vs. online. They are: ONLINE CLASSES HYBRID CLASSES WEB-ENHANCED CLASSES Online classes provide little to no face- to-face time and are conducted almost exclusively over the Internet. Occasionally, the class might require students to travel to the campus to take tests. As the name implies, hybrid classes are a mix of online and in-class learning. These classes typically divide the week or month into in-class days and online assignments. Web-enhanced classes require students to attend all class hours in person, but make use of the Internet for communica- tion, reading, assignments, and more. What's the nature of online learning coursework? Online classes vary in the types of work they require of their students, but there is a lot of common ground among them. If you sign up for an online class, you can expect to partake in any of the following kinds of work: - ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTS TO BE COMPLETED AND RETURNED ELECTRONICALLY - TEXT-BASED LECTURES - ONLINE READING ASSIGNMENTS - ONLINE TESTS - FORUM DISCUSSIONS ABOUT THE READING - VIDEO LECTURES + CHAT ROOM DISCUSSIONS www.glendale.edw/anline/gec_anline_visitor_howitworks.htm,'anline_classes/How_online_classes_work.htm/ EVALUATING ONLINE LEARNING What do educators say about the efficacy of online learning vs. face-to-face learning? Online classes are certainly more convenient for busy students, but experts differ on their effectiveness relative to traditional in-class learning: "We did find modest evidence that live-only instruction results in higher learning outcomes "Students who took all or part of their class online performed better, on average, than those taking the same course through traditional face-to-face instruction." than Internet instruction." National Bureau of Economic Research U.S. Department of Education The NBER study notes that underachieving students benefit most from live instruction, yet are the most likely to apply for online coursework. It concludes by noting that much more experimentation is necessary before they can declare whether online education is categorically “better" than in-class learning. What are the graduation rates? Graduation rates for online degree programs vary wildly depending on the school you attend. Several of the most popular online programs and their graduation rates are shown below: 6 YEAR GRADUATION RATE, 2008 INSTITUTION School of Visual Arts 67% ITT Technical Institute 66% The Illinois Institute of Art 44% The Art Institute 41% Berkeley College 35% DeVry University 31% Westwood College 27% International Academy of Design and Technology 16% Sullivan University 15% University of Phoenix 9% O S#@! Siter JABBER Tip: Research individual online learning programs on, harkin senate gov, innosightiastitute. org,

The Rise Of The Online Degree

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Fifteen years ago it might have sounded ludicrous to suggest that a laptop could stand in place of a classroom, but with each passing year more and more students are trading their campuses for a wifi ...


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