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Out of Control

OUT The world today: Thousands of nuclear arms are ready to launch within a matter of seconds. They might detonate by mistake. They create massive destruction. They cost vast amounts of money. The technology is spread and components are sold on the black market. Nuclear weapons are out of control. OF CONTROI. PALOMARES On a sunny morning in 1966 two American military planes collided in the airspace above the Spanish town of Palomares. One of the planes was carrying four nuclear woapons. Three of the bombs fell to the ground. They did not detonate but rodioactive waste was spread around the area The fourth bonb fel in the sea and disappeared. The US spent 3 moriha finding the miasing bomb in 1966. The rodioacive cleanup, khowever, is sil ongoing today, in 2013. If this is radioactivity I love it!" To moke sure the public was no alamed, he American ambossador wilingly posed for photos in he woters of Polomare PROKEN ARROW.. is the term used to describe accidents involving nuclear weapons. Since Incidents according to official US records. READY-SET-GO Nine countries are capable of pulling the trigger. Between them they possess 17000 nuclear weapons. Two thousand of these are ready to launch - every minute, every day, all year around. USA 2468 worheads RUSSIA 2430 worheads 2012 NORTH-KOREA INDIA 60 worheads p013) CHINA 178 warheads 2011 FRANCIE 300 warheads PAKISTAN 9 worheads 2013) ISRAEL. 270 worhaads UK 275 warheads po1 1) 2002| CLOSER TI-HAN YOU THINK Russia has sevoral submarines containing nucloar arms which patrol the waters close to the Norwogian coast. In Europe there are nucloar weapons in France and England, in addition to U.5 weapons stored in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey. "T SMELT... YOU KNOW, LIKIE HAIR. LIKIE HAIR BURNING. THE SMELL CAME BACK FROM THE EARTI-I EVERY TIME T RAINED" MAKYSH ISKAKOVAA WOMAN FROM SIEMIPALATINSK KAZAKHSTAN KAKIINSAN RUSSIAN FEDERATION SEMIPALATINSK O Nalional ca CHINA 1988 RKMENISST been tesled on 456 The combined power of all itereemba equals the pow Semicoiorinsk in Kazokhatan Union paid no atenlion lo the environment or the 250 000 people ving in the area when going of 4500 Hirosnima bombs. The Saviet through with hese lests THE CONSEQUENCES As the inhabitants of Semipalatinsk were exposed to very high doses of radiation, the risk of being bom wih mutations or other ilnesses is eight fimes higher for them compared to people living elsewhere. 1 in 20 children are born with serious deformities. reach the age of Nuclear weapons have been tested 200сх acrou te gobe ince 1945, location uch an the Nevada Desert, Australlia, Algeria Russia and the Marahall alands. $314 Corporations like British company Rolls Royce and U.S. company Lockheed Martin make billions of dollars every year on the design, dovelopment and maintenance of nuclear weapons as woll as components used in the manufacture of nuclear weapons. BILLION invested by private actors and financial institutions in the nuclear arms industry every year. 38% 65,5% $120 billion would give universol primary educorion for To end hunger by 2050 would coat $209 billion USD. 3,8% $12 billion would halve the number of people without access to "NUCLEAR WEAPONS ARIE NOT MAGIC. THEY ARE BIG, CLUMSY WIEAPONS TIHAT GO BANG, DO TERRIBLE TIHINGS TO I.MING CREATURES, AND LEAVE BEHIND AN ALMIG-ITY MESS." DR. PATRICIA LIEWIS The atomic bomb is the world's largest bomb. destroys entire cilies. It doesn't make a distinction belween military and civilian targels. Its effects cannot be controlled. f used, the global health, economic- and environmental consequences will be felt by oll of us. BIG CLUMSY BOMB Despile of this, nations has engoged in a terrible arms roce where the goal has been to make the next bomb larger than the last. Location: HIROSHIMA Dote: 6. AUGUST 1945 Blast yield: 15 KT TNT Name: LITTLE BCY Location: BIKINI-ATOLLET Date: 27. MARS 1954 Blast yield: 11 MT TNT Name: MARK-17 100 X HIROSHIMA Location: NOVAJA SEMLJA Date: 30. OKTOBER 1961 Blast yield: 58 MT TNT Nome: TSAR BOMBA HIROSHIMA хооо1 The Tsarbomb' is the biggest bomb ever tested, but the truth is we don't know how big the world's largest bomb really is. All we know is at an average U.S. nuclear weopon is 20 times bigger hon the Hiroshimo-bomb. 11 MISSING At least 11 nuclear weapons are currently missing. Some are rusling ot the bottom of the oean while s within the ice of Greenland. The rest could be just about anywhere. some lie buried somewhere The only thing we know for certain is fhat thousands of nuclear weapons con be launched every minute. They have us completely surrounded. They are out of control. Ban nuclear weapons now. HONEN ATOMK f Follow atomkommisjonen on Facebook SOUINCES Palomare: p// Palanar52 rosh Po ro Poos y bet con/20 12/05/04/orldedargraphic/ Seminatiru om/Spe8266/hergctoreeldeipolatnaknuceart Photo from Semipdatmk: Cete Ingo A Big Chy Bomb p//www. rg/peontert/lood/2012/06/Unpeokable.pd 11 Minaing htp:// O Norsk Folkehjelp

Out of Control

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Infographic telling the story of nuclear weapons, and how close we have been to disastrous accidents, many times because of human error. We have tried to highlight how people commonly make mistakes, a...




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