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Most Common Punctuation Errors

www •punctuationchecker·org MOST COMMON Punetustion Mistakes ENGLISH The comma splice The run-on Two sentences joined A kun-on is two complete sentences not joined with any punctuation: No good at all. Fx it as with the comma only with a comma is a comma splice. Fx it by changing the comma to a semi-colon on use a COondinating conjunction after the comma. splice: semi-colon Ok comma plus coordinating conjunction. The sentence Punetisting Dialogue fragument This is any non-complete Every time a new voice enters into your [whitten] convensation, you indicate it with a new paragraph.Notice the use of the question mark and exclamation points. sentence. Most sentence fragments can be easily joined with a comma to the nearest complete sentence. The Joiquitous exclamstion mark The quetstion mark Should be used sparingly. Quotation marks should be The penvasive use of the used to denote quotations. exclamation mark only dilutes the powerful feelings you may be taying to convey. They should not be used to add emphasis to a word, which is sometimes the case in adventisements. The wisplaced semicolon A semicolon should be used to separate two independent clauses (or complete sentences) that are closely of any word that doesn't related in meaning. Use colons, not semicolons, apostrophe only if it does before a list of three on Apostrophe Use an apostrophe followed by "s" for the possessive form end in "s" and an More items. The crazye Missing Comma Aster Introductory Etements ComWa Don't forget to place a comma after introductory element. Notice that an There's a fine line between Conjunctions that need a comma before them and those that don't. When in doubt, read the sentence aloud and see if you automatically introductony element can be a sentence or a single word pause. f that's the case, use a comma. Sources: mistakes.htm 3976049.html

Most Common Punctuation Errors

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Many people are getting confused when it's time to write. If your problem is punctuation - you'll find our infographic interesting and informative. You'll see the most common punctuation mistakes and ...




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