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Women are from Venus

WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS Online vs Offline dating according to Astrophysicists THE DRAKE EQUATION N= N* • fp • ne • fl • fi • fc • L created for estimating the number of alien civilizations that may exist in our galaxy, but can also be used to estimate potential girlfriends N. 300 billion stars number of civilizations with detectable signals N* The number of stars suitable for life I. The fraction of those stars with planets ne The number of planets, per star with a life sustaining environment f, The fraction of suitable planets that life actually appears f, f. The fraction of suitable planets that intelligent life emerges The fraction of civilizations that releases detectable communications > The length of time such civilizations release detectable signals. 10,000 alien civilizations THE DATING EQUATION G = N * • fW • fL • fA • fU • fB • [fM • fS • fl] A grad student Peter Backus, age 31, modified the Drake equation to estimate suitable girlfriends that may exist in the UK for him. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS A single woman in London Between the ages of 24-34 With a University degree Who is attractive and mutually attracted With similar interests (gets along) G= N* the population of the UK fW who are women fL who live in London 63.2 mil 63.2 mil 63.2 mil The number of girls who meet minimum requirements N* = fW = fL = 63.2 million 32.2 million 4.2 million fA between the ages 24-34 fU have a university education fB are physically attractive (personal preference est. 10%) Girlfriend odds are 1 in 24 63.2 mil 63.2 mil 63.2 mil when he sees an age appropriate woman in London fA = fU = fB = 907,171 371,940 37,194 However, it takes 2 to tango 50% 10% 10% of women are of women are of women will have similar interests single mutually attracted 189 Girlfriend odds are 1 in 4,762 after talking to an potentially realistic girlfriends in all of London age appropriate woman in London OFFLINE VS. ONLINE DATING Go to a club Go online Online dating population in London 22% Club population of age 24-35 are 100 women "online daters" 199,578 Age appropriate women (who are 24-35) 75 Attractive women 90% 7.5 women Actually age appropriate (not lying) Equivalent to visiting 1,995 clubs Start talking Single (50%) Live in Mutally Similar Actually single (90%) University degree (41%) Mutally Similar University degree Live in London attracted interests London attracted interests (90%) (41%) (10%) (10%) (95%) (10%) (10%) 0.014 63 of girls in a club are potential girlfriends of girls online are potential girlfriends Online Meeting site Instant Messaging (4.64%) Email (2.04%) Chat room (9.51%) Discussion group (1.89%) Online Dating Site (45%) Social Network (20.87%) Virtual world (2.13%) Other (2.51%) Multi-player game site (3.59%) Blog Site (1.59%) Online community (6.18%) Dating sites are approximately 2025 X 28.35 women more effective than going to clubs meet minimum requirements on online dating sites Between 2005-2012 (of 7-year-old marriages) Marital satisfaction 35% very very satisfied unsatisfied 4 met their Offline: 5.5 spouses online Online: 5.6 Marriages that ended in divorce Offline: 8% Online: 6% Sources: DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING

Women are from Venus

shared by NowSourcing on Jan 15
A look at online vs offline dating according to Astrophysicists.


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