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Important Milestones in Online Education

Important Milestones in Online Education 1980 Karl L. Zinn Describes the uses of microcomputers at the University of Michigan Publication Western Behavioral Sciences Institute 1981 starts an online program BITNET At BITNET's peak in 1991, it had over 500 BITNET connects universities with educational communications. organizations as members and over 3000 nodes. Alfred Bork Information Retrieval in Education The ways "computer-based techniques can be used for course management, direct learning. and research". Publication Carnegie Mellon University computer-aided instruction Information Technology Center Andrew Project access to and ability to distribute files IBM. tools for computer based lessons MIT Project Announces a 5-year experiment to explore innovative uses of computers for teaching 1983 Athena Article published about Atari's ability to connect users to class courseware via modem 1984 ATARI Home Computer Publication Japan Cal Intercultural Learning Network --------- California - Mexico ---- -- Alaska A network to link schools in: Isreal Creates 1985 Pioneers accredited graduate degrees through online courses, awarding their first doctorate NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY 1986 Edward Barrett Starts the "Program in Writing and Humanistic Studies" Works on the --- Networked Educational A suite of programs for teaching writing subjects in specially designed electronic Online System (NEOS) seminar rooms Steven Okonski INTERSYSTEMS Summit Authoring System Gary Dickelman The first program to bring streaming media to a virtual learning environment Student tracking and bookmarks plus instructor course management features A system where tele-courses could be provided across a network to various colleges while at the same time students could interact with the instructors and each other by using email sent over the internet and eventually beamed through satellite 1987 Glen Jones Creates Mind Extension University 1988 Intercultural Learning Network Online Learning Circles Now offered on at&t Learning Network 1989 Mindweave: Communication Computers and Distance Education An influential book on computer conferencing on which many of the leading experts of the time collaborated Publication Dr. John Sperling Launch University of Phoenix The first private university venture to deliver complete academic degree programs (Bachelor's and Master's degrees) and services to a mass audience, via asynchronous online technologies Terri Hedegaard Bishop Group discussions Enable students an experimental version of summer school 'electronically from their homes 1994 Virtual Summer School Run experiments Conduct literature searches - using a computer and a modem. VSS students were able to - participate in Listen to lectures Browse journal publications Socialize Prepare and : Ask question submit work Work in teams Undertake statistical analyses Prepare presentations 1995 Arnold Pizer JMELIORA WeBWorK Michael Gage UNIVERSITY of ROCHESTER ONES 1996 Glen Jones Chairman The first accredited fully web based university Bernard Luskin Chancellor MATIONA 1997 Dan Cane Interactive Learning Network Cornell University Yale Medical School Stephen Gilfus The first e-learning system of its kind University of Pittsburgh Coursenotes 2000 A comprehensive protessor websites Later renamed to ClassMap Calendaring Surveys Grades Course documents Quizzes i Announcements 2001 Microsoft 6 million student users Encarta Launches 40,000 instructor users 150.000 courses per year 2003 WebCT 1,350 institution users 55 countries 5 Key Sectors The worldwide e-learning industry is estimated to be worth over $90 billion according to conservative estimates. Developments in internet and multimedia technologies are the basic enabler of e-learning 2010 Consulting of e-learning industry Content Technologies Services 4 million online students at institutions of higher education Support a 12-14% increase for the past 5 years 44% of post-secondary students were taking some or all of their courses online Odegreecentral 2014 Projection it would rise to 81% AISHEA ITERNAT

Important Milestones in Online Education

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Online education is obviously a pretty new concept. A lot of people didn’t even know about the online movement until about 6 years ago when it started gaining popularity in the United States; but th...


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