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The Evolution of Online Education

The Evolution of Online Education a & § I 1728-1891 Distance Education's Earliest Days 1728 Caleb Phillips offers what is thought to be the first distance learning class. The course consists of weekly shorthand lessons by mail. 1891 The International Correspondence School in Scranton, Pennsylvania is founded. It takes less than 20 years for the school to reach 1 million students. 1 MILLION STUDENTS 1922 - 1960 Technology Stirs Things Up 1922 Penn State begins offering courses through the radio. Between the two world wars, 200+ colleges and universities were granted radio broadcasting licenses. PENN STATE 1953 The University of Houston is one of the first colleges to offer televised courses. 1960 Work begins on Programmed Logic for Automated Teaching Operations (PLATO), which is the first networked computer teaching system. 1980 - 1992 Cracking Down on Education Crime 1980 The FBI launches Operation Dipscam with intentions of cracking down on diploma mills. During the 11-year span of Dipscam, 39 people were convicted, and 50+ diploma mills were closed. 39 I Convicted 1984 A poodle, named Sassafras Herbert, earns a diploma from the American Association of Nutrition & Dietary Consultants. 1992 Congress discontinues federal aid at institutions where a majority of classes are distance learning. The ban was lifted in 2006, after a program showcased how there is a large demand for online courses. 1997-2009 Online Education Goes Mainstream 1997 California Virtual University is established through the collaboration of multiple California public colleges and universities. 700 online courses are offered. You Tube California Virtual University 2002 MIT starts its OpenCourseWare project. This allows for free, online course materials to be available to the public. OpenCourseWare started with 32 courses and by 2004, it had 900 available courses. 2003 The Sloan Consortium states that 81% of college institutions have at least one online or hybrid class. SLOAN- 81% 2006 Salman Kahn founds the Khan Academy, a free collection of YouTube Videos offering lessons in various subjects. КНAN ACADEMY 2009 Over 5.5 million students were enrolled in at least one online course. The Future.. What Does the Future Hold? Online education is on a serious growth path... Increase in online education Increase in higher education enrollment between 2008 and 2009 enrollments 21% between 2008 2% and 2009 .and it's projected to continue. Post-secondary online enrollments 30% 37% 30% Increase in 2011 37% Projected increase in 2015 SOURCES "Not for Novelty Purposes Only: Fake Degrees, Phony Transcripts and Verification Services." Colleges of Canada, 200ciation of Registrars of the Universities and "Lessons from History." The American Journal of Distance Education, 1997 "California Virtual University" Researching Virtual Initiatives in Education, 2009 "Second Report to Congress on the Distance Education Demonstration Program," Department of Education, 2003 "In the Time of PLATO," Illinois Alumni Magazine, 2010 "Our History" MIT OpenCourseWare, accessed 2011 "The Origins of Distance Education and its use in the United States, "THE Journal: Transforming Education Through Technology, 1999 "Education for Success": The International Correspondence Schools of Scranton, Pennsylvania The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, 1996 "Sizing the Opportunity: The Quality and Extent of Online Education in the United States, 2002 and 2003," The Sloan Consortium, 2003. "Class Differences: Online Education in the United States, 2010" For every chapter of your educntion The Sloan Consortium, 2010 "UH Through Time" University of Houston, accessed 2011

The Evolution of Online Education

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“The history of online education” shows the ways in which distance learning has developed since the early 1700s to now. It looks at the ways that students and teachers are using education technolo...


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