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Copywriting 101: How to Craft Compelling Copy

Copywriting 101: cation adingAccount visua derisi alove How to Craft Compelling Copy etters proofreadingScience Copywriting and Science Scientifically-Backed CopywritingTips 1. Make em' feel something. 2. Be wary of "selling" savings. Although a majority of the current research on mirror neurons focuses on literal observation, great writers know that strong emotions can be conveyed through words as well. Understand that customers are willing to pay your prices if you speak to them in a way that shows you valué what they hope to MONEY achieve, which is far more genuine than trying to sell them on bottom-dollar prices. TIME 3. Sweat the small stuff. Selling time is far more effective than selling money. Attaching the phrase "small" affects conversion rates Research found that this emphasis on the "small" fee made it far easier to deal with for conservative spenders, also known as "tightwad customers." over a small $5 Fee $5 Fee 20% increase in sign up rates 5. Don't rely on adjectives alone. 4. Embrace your devilish side. Studies show that arguments framed in the devil's advocate style were more likely to persuade listeners to support the original argument, rather than to disagree with it. Verbs get specific and are harder to ignore, especially in a vain world where everybody describes themselves with the same trite adjectives. Instead of trying to paint a picture of an infallible offer, point out common concerns that customers may have, and then assure them with facts and evidence that they have nothing to worry about. Verbs beat out adjectives more often than not. VERBS adjectives 6. Include "power" words. Z. Use transportation for persuasion Smart copywriters know that there are ZInstantly certain persuasive YOU Transportation leads to persuasion. People can block out sales pitches, but everybody loves listening to stories. words that hold more "sway" than others. because Effective Copywriting Tips 11111 COMMANDMENTS OF GREAT COPYWRITING THE 10 6 Simple Ways to Make Content Digestible 1. Bold important facts, benefits and sentences. 2. Break up long paragraphs into shorter ones. 3. Use bullets and numbers, where applicable. WRITE A GREAT HEADLINE. KNOWYOURAUDIENCE. II DETERMINE YOUR VALUE PROPOSITION. AVOID WEASEL WORDS. 4. Keep your text readable by using black Ш FINDAUNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION. IV DON'T USE PASSIVE VOICE-WRITE IN THE PRESENT TENSE. text on a white background. 5. Pare down your web page by removing unnecessary elements. 6. Use photos to explain your message. ESTABLISH AN OBJECTIVE. IX INCLUDE A CUSTOMER QUOTE. KEEP YOUR COPY CLEAN USEA COMPELLING SUBJECT LINE. AND CONCISE. 8 Ways to OPTIMIZE Your Copy Bulletize Check for consistency CHANGE YOUR Cut the clicks HEADLINE TODAY: APRIL 09, 2014 Anonymous Wirote TODAY: APRIL 09, 2014 Anonymous Wrote: Mix in morę testimonials CHECK YOUR Change the Add a "Reasons Why" box or inset in the piece infographics OFFER 1. 2. The Effects of Writing to the Brain So How Does Writing Affect Your Brain? Why You Should Avoid Clichés in Your Writing The frontal lobe iş the part of the brain associated with speaking and writing and is also responsible for movement, reasoning, judgement, planning and problem solving. Clichés might have evoked a sensory response in the brain when they were first used, but since the reader has seen them so many times before, they no longer have the sáme effect. Clignés The parietal lobe is also important to the interpretation of words and language. RESOURCES: GrammarCheck Free

Copywriting 101: How to Craft Compelling Copy

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In every business, communication is an important factor. In order to promote a product or service, it is important to use a clear and effective method to connect to the target market. When an agent ta...


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