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Adopting Technology in a World Language Classroom

ADOPTING TECHNOLOGY for the WORLD LANGUAGE CLASSROOM LANGUAGE SKILLS ARE MORE VALUABLE THAN EVER IN OUR GLOBALIZED WORLD Connecting cultures, ideas, economies, and skills from one corner of the globe to the other is dependent on effective language skills. In fact, almost 50% of parents say it is vitally important for their child to speak another language. Now, more schools than ever have world languages integrated into their curriculums, and just as with subjects such as math and science, technology makes language learning faster and more effective. World language teachers use higher rates of technology than the general teaching population, both for their own knowledge and networking as well as engaging students in the classroom. Here's how TEACHING + TECHNOLOGY makes languages easier to master WORLD LANGUAGE TEACHERS ARE TECH SAVVY 88% 87% conduct Internet research use technology to relay class materials and information, for professional enhancement 15% more than other teachers including podcasts 46% use technology to provide 75% feedback on work 17% more than other teachers use technology for homework and practice to supplement classroom learning A 50% use technology to create interactive classroom lessons BETTER TECHNOLOGY = BETTER INTERACTIONS World language teachers say technology in the classroom allows them to : More effectively customize instruction for individual student needs More easily assess student progress ?? Encourage students to determine their own Pinpoint student problems and challenges pace of basic skills development Control content while students Focus on individual & small group instruction control their pace rather than whole group instruction Foster problem-solving and critical-thinking Perfect student accents skills in the classroom with speech-recognition systems EFFECTIVE TRAINING + ADEQUATE RESOURCES = SUPERIOR LEARNING 67% say lack of Internet and computer access in students' homes is a significant barrier to fully integrating digital tools into their educational ecosystem. 88% of World Language teachers conduct Internet research on topics related to professional tasks. 75% believe effective implementation of technology is important to student success. 50% of World Language teachers say students are more motivated to learn with the use of digital tools. 33% of World Language teachers report an increased understanding of course materials with their use of technology in the classroom -50% higher than the national pool of general teachers. 00 1 in 3 With technology, students can put more of their own ideas into what they are learning. They can blend their experiences and what World Language teachers say it is important they have learned in class into a tech project, to use materials that have been created or i.e., digital story. They become more provided through academic and professional engaged in learning, and have a deeper organizations with content expertise understanding of the concept... High School World Language Teacher, Coventry Local School District, Ohio In Their Own Words : WORLD LANGUAGE TEACHERS VALUE TECH IN THE CLASSROOM Personalized learning In my classes we (With technology.) means...that the teacher are using technology to Students can put more of becomes aware of students' motivate and encourage their own ideas into what individual learning needs and each student's potential, and they are learning. They can strives to meet them, I think to help the students learn in blend their experiences and technology can be helpful in a co-operative what they have learned in providing adaptive learning environment.. class into a tech project, i.e., software, allowing digital story. They become individualized learning High School World more engaged in learning, opportunities. Language Teacher, Spring and have a deeper Branch ISD, TX understanding of the High School World concept... Language Teacher, Pomona Unified School High School World District, CA Language Teacher, Coventry Local School District, Ohio REAL TIPS FROM REAL TEACHERS ACCENT acento aksen hreim Bala Create variety with "learning Utilize Rosetta Stone Pair struggling students with speech-recognition system Rosetta Stone native centers": break your classroom into 3 groups. One group works on conversation, to help students work on speakers. The extra support their accents. and peer encouragement gives another on a written an added boost. assignment, and the third uses the Rosetta Stone program. Rosetta Stone solutions have been used More than 17,000 private and public in more than 20,000 schools sector organizations use Rosetta Stone solutions 150+ Rosetta Stone solutions are used in more Millions of language learners than 150 countries around the globe worldwide have benefited from Rosetta Stone solutions K-12 LANGUAGES • Arabic* Hebrew • Polish • Chinese (Mandarin)" • Portuguese (Brazil) • Russian Hindi • Dari • Indonesian • Dutch Irish Spanish (Latin America)" • English (American)* English (British) • Filipino (Tagalog) • Italian Spanish (Spain) • Japanese Swahili Korean Swedish • French Latin • Turkish • German • Pashto Urdu • Greek • Persian (Farsi) Vietnamese "Languages are available for Rosetta Stone TOTALE® PRO for K-12 exclusive environments. All languages available with Rosetta Stone Course®. Rosetta Stone. T: (800) 811-2819 Education E: [email protected] This infographic is based on data presonted in Spoaking the Language of theo 21s: Century: World Language Teachers and their Use of Technology TomorrowWP?CH=infog) This white paper is a collaborative effort between Rosetta Stone Education and Project Tomorrow. The paper analyzes findings on the experiences, insights, and desires of World Language educators in the United States and their use of technology besed on responses from over 56,000 K-12 toachers participating in the 2012 Speak Up survey. ==== I ====

Adopting Technology in a World Language Classroom

shared by Cherie_bon on Mar 17
A peek at how technology has made a difference in learning world language for students and how tech savvy language teachers are in supporting their classes.



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