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Serial Entrepreneurs and Their Start Ups

SERIAL ENTREPRENEURS AND THEIR START-UPS SERIAL ENTREPRENEURS INVEST IN INNOVATIVE IDEAS, BUILD POWERFUL CORPORATIONS AND THEN SELL THEM FOR PROFIT. THESE TITANS OF INDUSTRY HAVE PAVED THE WAY TOWARD OVERWHELMING FINANCIAL SUCCESS. FOLLOW IN THEIR FOOTSTEPS AND LEARN HOW THEY CONTINUE TO DOMINATE THE BUSINESS WORLD. WAYNE HUIZENGA Has founded three Fortune 500 corporations and managed six New York Stock Exchange-listed companies. Starting his first business in 1968 with a single garbage truck, he grew Waste Management, Inc. into a Fortune 500 company. He started Blockbuster Video in 1987. He has won Financial World magazine's "CEO of the Year" award five times and was the winner of the Ernst & Young "2005 World Entrepreneur of the Year" INDUSTRY INVESTMENT MOST SUCCESSFUL INVESTMENTS Waste Management, Video Rentals, Hotel Management, Sports Teams Waste Management, Inc. ($13.65 billion) Blockbuster Video ($37 million) Auto Nation ($15.7 billion) RECENT START-UP INVESTMENTS In 2010, he took the In 2012 Swisher Hygiene Currently owns 66 My father always said working for somebody else never amounted to anything. You have to be an company Swisher Hygiene public announced the sale of its waste 5% of the Miami business for $125,000,000 in cash Dolphins NET WORTH: $2.5 BILLION entrepreneur. CHER WANG Born in Taiwan, her father was the founder of the plastics and petrochemicals conglomerate Formosa Plastics Group. In 2011, she and her husband were ranked by Forbes as the wealthiest people in Taiwan. In 2012, she was #56 on Forbes' list of The World's 100 Most Powerful Women INDUSTRY INVESTMENT MOST SUCCESSFUL INVESTMENTS Cellular communications The HTC Corporation ($9.84 billion) and mobile apps 66 RECENT START-UP INVESTMENTS We must always keep an eye on our environment, to keep track of what changes are happening in technology... in how people across the world are living their lives, working and communicating. We need to anticipate these trends and innovate to meet them. The HTC First: The first Implementing the relationship between The HTC One smartphone optimized Google and Android for Facebook Home NET WORTH: $2.4 BILLION MARK PINCUS Pincus created his first start-up in 1995 with Freeloader, Inc., a web-based service. 7 months later, Individual, Inc. purchased it for $38 million. In 1997, he started his second company, In 2003, he started, an early social network Mzyno INDUSTRY INVESTMENT MOST SUCCESSFUL INVESTMENTS Social media applications Zynga ($1.14 billion) RECENT START-UP INVESTMENTS In 2007, he founded Zynga, best known on social media networks for its games The Zynga network of games 66 currently has over 298 million monthly active users like Farm Ville and Mafia Wars ... We gave our users poker chips if they downloaded this Zwinky toolbar which was like, I don't know, I NET WORTH: $1.8 BILLION downloaded it once and couldn't get rid of it MAX LEVCHIN Levchin's first foray into the business world was in 1998 when he co-founded Fieldlink. By 2002, the company had changed its name to PayPal and gone public. It was acquired by eBay and Levchin's 2.3% stake was worth approximately $34 million. In 2002, the MIT Technology Review TR100 named him one of the top 100 innovators in the world under 35, as well as Innovator of the Year INDUSTRY INVESTMENT MOST SUCCESSFUL INVESTMENTS Internet and Social Media PayPal ($5.6 billion) Slide (Bought by Google for $182 million) RECENT START-UP INVESTMENTS In 2004, he founded Slide, a personal In 2010, Slide was Currently he is the media-sharing service for websites Like MySpace and Facebook sold to Google for $182 million 66 CEO and co-founder of Affirm For some strange reason, in the last few years, the industry, or the press that covers the industry, has come to glorify failure. I think it's completely wrong. Failure is not good. 000 NET WORTH: $I BILLION SAMWER BROTHERS In 1998, brothers Marc, Oliver and Alexander began their entrepreneurial work by creating Alando, a European equivalent to eBay. In 1999, they sold the company to eBay for $50 million. They then created Jamba! which was sold to VeriSign for $270 million in 2004 INDUSTRY INVESTMENT MOST SUCCESSFUL INVESTMENTS Internet Alando (Sold to eBay for $50 million) Jamba! (Sold to VeriSign for $270 million) MyVideo (German counterpart to YouTube) RECENT START-UP INVESTMENTS In 2012, the company raised $1 billion Rocket Internet: A German start-up incubator that identifies successful Internet ideas, mostly from the USA, and then proceeds to replicate them in emerging markets 66 0000 NET WORTH: We are builders of companies, we are not innovators. (Oliver Samwer) $658 MILLION ASHISH J. THAKKAR Thakkar started his first IT company at the age of 15. 15 years later, he owned several companies in 26 different countries, with 7,000 employees INDUSTRY INVESTMENT MOST SUCCESSFUL INVESTMENTS Information technology and mobile platforms Mara ($100 million) RECENT START-UP INVESTMENTS The aim of this mobile application is to Thakkar recently launched Mara, a non-profit organization which aims to assist up-and-coming African entrepreneurs connect African youth, changing the way people communicate on the continent 66 NET WORTH: $260 MILLION OO00 I've taken huge risks, many times. MAYBE WE CAN ALL BE SERIAL ENTREPRENEURS, TURNING BRILLIANT CONCEPTS INTO BILLIONS OF DOLLARS. LEARN TO RECOGNIZE NEW OPPORTUNITES AND APPLY THEIR TENACITY AND DRIVE TO MOTIVATE YOURSELF FOR YOUR OWN CAUSE AND ACHIEVE FINANCIAL SUCCESS. SOURCES | | I | | | APP DATA ROOM PHOTOS | | | | ...... ...... ......

Serial Entrepreneurs and Their Start Ups

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See who these serial entrepreneurs are and read on how they create successful businesses and flip them for huge profits.




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