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Academic Profile of College-Bound Undocumented Students

ACADEMIC PROFILE OF COLLEGE-BOUND UNDOCUMENTED STUDENTS LAWS THAT IMPACT EDUCATIONAL ACCESS PLYLER VS. DOE ADMISSION of undocumented -> withhout proof of citizenship or legal immigration status students colleges 1982 SUPREME COURT CASE ALLOWS EACH STATE TO DECIDE > tuition rates -> its laws for undocumented -> enrollment and students regarding: > state-based financial aid K-12 GRADE ERAL LA Guaranteed the rights of undocumented students to attend K-12 public schools under equal protection provisions of the 14th Amendment. > government loans grants > work study for higher education PROHIBITS federal financial aid ACADEMIC ENGAGEMENT ACADEMIC PREPARATION ACHIEVEMENTS & ACADEMIC RECOGNITION although most students struggled to learn English when they first arrived in the U.S., most mastered it quickly and were recruited into accelerated programs along with rigorous academic coursework, students reported high levels of academic accomplishments total MALES FEMALES GPA 3.48 79% HIGH 67% SCHOOL 3.10 COLLEGE enrolled by 6th grade 55% 75% 79% 179% 36% 71% enrolled in one or more ELEMENTARY MIDDLE SCHOOL GATE academically rigorous courses 7X higher than the California statewide rate for Latinos HONORS/ AP CLASS 85% 45% STUDENTS THAT HAD TAKEN 83% 85% 43% 46% AT LEAST ONE AP COURSE 53% 22.47% HIGH SCHOOL COLLEGE California undocumented students Istudent PSYCHOSOCIAL ACADEMIC ORIENTATION Undocumented students demonstrate a positive orientation toward school. Despite the frequent challenges they face due to their legal status, they aspire to do well in their classes and hope to attend college. self-concept • 78% aspirations valuing of school • parent derived . parental valuing • of school 90% 92% 88% 82% 61% 75% 53% 68% • expectations • self-efficacy 2% • effort avoidance • friend derived friends' valuing of school the desire to earn a Master's Degree or higher compared with the opportunity to do so strong convictions about academic abilities or skills the importance of school compared to the intention of not succeeding in school the importance to succeed in school because of parents compared to friends educational support received from parents compared to friends compared to attaining a specific academic goal TUITION LEGISLATION In addition to studying, homework, exams, and other anxieties that college students face, undocumented students worry about work, continued funding, and fear of legal consequences, such as deportation CHALLENGES AFTER for undocumented students, tuition rates are based on their COLLEGE GRADUATION status not their residency NY WI OUT OF-STATE TUITION ст Many have no immediate pathway to legal status IN-STATE TUITION NE IL IN MD- UT BANNED IN-STATE TUTION KS BANNED FROM ATTENDING PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES AZ NM ок under current federal immigration law, employers cannot legally hire them TX SOURCE: Pérez, William. Americans by Heart: Undocumented Latino Students and the Promise of Higher Education. New York: Teachers College Press. 2012. Print. EDUCATIONAL ACADEMIC SCHOOL ACHIEVEMENT SOCIAL SUPPORT

Academic Profile of College-Bound Undocumented Students

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Information design about undocumented students. Based on the research findings of Dr. William Perez, author of Americans by Heart: Undocumented Latino Students And The Promise of Higher Education. Thi...


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