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Growing Up American and Undocumented

GROWING UP AMERICAN AND UNDOCUMENTED DEFINITION OF AN UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANT & THE REGIONS OF ORIGIN LEGALLY as a nonimmigrant violated the terms Canada e remained in the U.S without authorization of the status foreign national who entered 13% Asia 1:4M Mexico 56% 6.5M U.S.A * Africa 22% Central & South America without with fraudulent documents inspection ILLEGALLY 11 2M milion undocumented immigrants live in the U.S. CHARACTERISTICS OF UNDOCUMENTED FAMILIES STUDENT PROFILE CURRENT AGE 19.97 8.35 73% 13.55 9.71 83% 3.78 ENGLISH 6.97 99% 3.63 PROFICIENCY" *scale: 1 Inot at al - lvery welll AGE 1.95 2.17 SPANISH 88% "OLISH PROFICIENCY mother father *scale: 1 Inot at all-4 lvery well) 1 1M million undocumented children under the age of 18 living in the U.S. THREE COMMON WAYS STUDENTS FIND OUT THEY ARE UNDOCUMENTED OBTAINING A DRIVER'S LICENSE requires social security number APPLYING APPLYING FOR SCHOLARSHIPS OR JOBS must be a legal permanent residence or U.S citizen FOR COLLEGE cannot qualify for federal and most state-based financial aid SCHOOL ENROLLMENT PSYCHOSOCIAL VARIABLES (rounded to the nearest whole number] 38% 1% 21% 75% U.S.-BORN STUDENTS UNDOCUMENTED STUDENTS HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES REJECTION DUE TO DISTRESS ЗМ LIFETIME DISCRIMINATION DUAL FRAME OF REFERENCE UNDOCUMENTED STATUS low level of distress despite their legal marginality life in the U.S was much better than in their few reported incidents with overt prejudice and discrimination country of origin 65K 13K HOURS WORKED/WEEK due to the limited access to financial support to pay for their college education, students must take on extra jobs and time off from school to save money HIGH SCHOOL COLLEGE 2M COLLEGE ENROLLMENT 1:20 Only one out of 20 undocumented high school senior will attend college 42% 11% 66% 41% +20 hrs/wk +30 hrs/wk +20 hrs/wk +30 hrs/wk EDUCATION College-going and college-bound undocumented Latino students are not typical Their academic profile is very different compared with the general academic profile of Latino students in the U.S. UNDOCUMENTED YOUNG ADULTS AGES 18-24 HIGH SCHOOL DROPOUTS COLLEGE HIGH SCHOOL COLLEGE ATTENDANCE DROPOUTS ATTENDANCE undocumented young adults ages 18-24 40% 49% 28% arrival to U.S. before age 14 61% 8% U.S.-born residents 71% arrival to U.S. 46% at or after age 14 42% SOURCE: Pérez, William. Americans by Heart: Undocumented Latino Students and the Promise of Higher Education. New York: Teachers College Press. 2012. Print. EARS IN THE U.S ORLGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA OR LESS MIGRATED TO THE U SCHOOLING

Growing Up American and Undocumented

shared by Yhareli on May 15
Information design about undocumented students. Based on the research findings of Dr. William Perez, author of Americans by Heart: Undocumented Latino Students And The Promise of Higher Education. Thi...


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