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10 Career Paths to Take After Graduation

DBE 000 E 10 Career Paths to Take After Graduation So you've finally graduated college/high school/kindergarten, and are finally ready to step into the real world. You've come to realize that your degree doesn't necessarily mean you're going to be working in the same field, and that half the stuff you learned doesn't even apply to the real world! Welcome to being unemployed: there are a few career choices you can consider before settling for the default burger-flipping job. Own a suit? 0101111101o 0011010011 10010101111 0101010101 1011111010 0111010011 0010101111 101010101 More of a jeans & t-shirt person Duh, more than one! ס11ס1001ו Like to doodle? Persuasive? Don't believe me? Not really Do your eyes sometimes take the shape of $ signs? Can you be as enthusiastic about any product as a puppy about its morning walk? No, I have some self respect Yes, yes, No Yes yes! Love graphs, maths, tables, etc? Finance Do you threaten people with lawsuits for stepping on your little toe? Data analysis Sales Legal Consultant Yes Artsy? Designer What? Are you good with words? Unequivocally. Not so much. 00 Enjoy story telling? Good with numbers? Nope. Stories! Yey Nay Yay Would work 80 Was the last time Buy a suit. Repeat test you spoke to a person in the 90s? hours a week to avoid working 35? Yes Like kids? Developer Love 'em! Kids, ew. Does the risk of financial ruin excite you? Does long paid periods off work sound appealing? Grammer nazi? Yeah, baby! That's Grammar No Do you leave liitle room for ambiguilty, that is vagueness? Spend your days on social media? Want Entrepreneur to get paid to do it? Yep. Yes. Teacher Duh! Writer / Journalist Digital Marketing 01011111010 -0- 00111010011. 10010101111 0101010101 סו01וס10וס 000 000 So where does that leave me? Sales Legal Consultant Flunked your way through highschool/college? Don't want to bother with building those pesky hard skills? WellI, sales is probably the only instance when partying through college pays off real well: it's all about talking to people, something you don't learn from a textbook. Whether it's in real estate, securities trading or retail, sales representatives generally make a lot of money, depending on individual skills Depending on how flexible your morals are, there's a lot of opportunities working in the legal world. Major corporations pay top buck for skilled lawyers willing to defend their interests. You'll have to go through a couple of years in law school, which can be pretty expensive - but, if you are really good at arguing and persuading, it will pay off pretty fast. Digital Marketing Accounting / Finance Over the recent years, digital marketing has been getting more and more popular. Since most people migrated from the real world to the virtual, that's where most of the marketers are turning to convert the abovementioned people into their customers. The digital marketer uses a number of different tools - Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Persuasive Writing - to attract the audience to their product. Like money? Don't mind working mind-numbing hours? Then accounting and finance may be the perfect career for you. The gist of finance is dealing with someone elses money, either putting it down on paper through Financial Statements, or analyzing where to put the money to maximize company profit. It's pretty easy to get into the field too, since it only takes a bachelors degree, and has a clear career growth path. Writer Design The trope of the starving writer died when corporations realized that persuasive writing sells - that's some very good news, if you're into writing. Doing what you love and getting paid for it? Sounds swell, right? These days, if you have an OK writing portfolio, you can easily get a job as a copywriter. Copywriters don't make as much money long-term - but then again, the fact that you're doing what you like makes up for it. People skilled in Design are in high demand these days, with more and more startups popping up, someone has to design their website, create their logo, and so on. Best part? You don't even need a fancy degree - everything you need to know is on the web. Developing / Computer science </> Teacher / Professor "Geeks shall inherit the earth," as a variation of a popular saying goes. The last few years, a lot of famous people made their fortunes through developing, such as Mark Zuckerberg, and you have the chance to join their ranks. Developing is one of the highest paying jobs availible out there, as experienced developers are always in demand. It's pretty easy to get into too with all sorts of resource websites where you can learn developing. Loved College? In fact, loved it so much that you don't wanna get out? Well, why not avoid the real life even further and become a professor! Teaching is considered to be one of the most respectable professions, as well as being the only one with a paid summer leave. These days, getting into the academia can be a bit daunting and take a few years working for that PHD, but if you enjoy talking to people, doing presentations, and Something, then a career a teacher/professor is the way to go. Entrepreneurship Data Analysis ilo Since the creation of computers, companies started gathering up data of their customers - until they reached a point when they have a ton of data and no idea how to use it. Data analysts are "Why join the navy when you can be a pirate?" as Steve Jobs said, and we couldn't agree more. Are you both creative and analytical? Want to put a dent in the world? Strike out on your own! Start your own business, and to hell with working for corporate. Hey, you never know. You can be the next Facebook-Über-Youtube. Entrepreneurs usually make from $0 to billion a year - the sky's the limit! becoming more and more in-demand as companies realize that the utilization of the data can lead to increased profits. Created by V EnhancU Some icons downloaded from, created by: Elegant Themes, Scott de Jonge, Freepik, Situ Herrera, Simplelcon, Pavel Kozlov, Nice and Serious

10 Career Paths to Take After Graduation

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Remember the time when adults kept asking what you wanted to do when you grew up? Yeah, we do too. Ironically enough, that same question doesn’t go away right up to the point where you end up actua...


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