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Surprising Facts about Black Friday 2011

Surprising Facts about BLACK FRIDAY 226 Million 2011 Number of people Number of people who VOTED in 2008 who SHOPPED on Black Friday presidential elections 122 Million $ 52 BILLION Amount spent in the US on Black Friday weekend 117 Number of countries in the world that have a lower GDP than the amount spent on Black Friday weekend. The combined GDP of Nicaragua, Jamaica, Afghanistan and Iceland is less than the amount spent on Black Friday weekend. The money spent on Black Friday weekend would also ... ... feed all the hungry children in the world for 2 YEARS or pay off ... E3E of the overall 1/5 CREDIT CARD DEBT in the United States SOURCES: HTTP://www.NRF.COM/MODULES.PHP?NA ME-NEWS&OP-VIEWLIVE&SP_ID-1260, HTTP://www.WORLDHUNGER.ORG/ARTICLES/LEARN/WORLD%20HUNGER%20FACTS%202002.HTM, HTTP://www.GOOGLE.COM/PUBLICDATA/EX PLORE?DS-DSBNCPPJOF8 F9_&MET_Y-SP_POP_TOTL&TDIM-TRUE&DL-EN&HL -EN&Q-WORLD+POPULATION, HTTP://www.GLOBALISSUES.ORG/ARTICLE/26/POVERTY-FACTS-AND-STATS, HTTPS://www 1.WEFE EDBACK.ORG/CALCULATOR V ReadyForZero

Surprising Facts about Black Friday 2011

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On Black Friday weekend 2011, Americans spent an estimated $52 billion. This infographic shows how $52 billion compares to the GDP of several countries, not to mention the cost of feeding the world's ...


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