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The Scary Cost of Winter

The CARY cost of winter AND HOW TO PREPARE FOR IT . ENERGY PRICES ARE ON THE UP! Halloween is almost upon us which means winter. Npower and British Gas have both announced they're increasing the prices of gas and electicity in the UK. RISE IN HEATING/ENERGY COSTS Energy prices have risen exponentially in the last 20 years especially in the last 6. Gas and coal have risen by 3 Electicity Gas 2.5 almost 200%. Its been 1.5 predicted by experts that by 2021 energy 200% 1992 1997 2002 2007 2012 prices could soar by 60%. GAS PRICES HAE TRIPLED IN THE LAST TWENTY YEARS COMPARISON OFENERGY PRICE RISES IN THE LAST 20 YEARS Like gas, electricity has risen a lot. 100% ELECTRICITY Gas has gone through the roof. 200% GAS Water hasn't grown like the others. + 40% WATER Coal has seen huge growth.. 200% COAL YOUR ENERGY BILL BROKEN DOWN Energy Bill 63% 63% Wholesale energy, supply costs and profit margins Distribution charges 19% This is the actual charge for your gas or electric which makes up the most of your bill Transmission charges 2% VAT 5% Environmental costs 4% Meter provision 8% Wholesale energy, supply costs and profit margins Distribution charges Transmission charges 5% 54% 18% 5% 5% 10% VAT VAT payments are capped at 5% so you're not paying full VAT on this Environmental costs Meter provision 7% TOP TIPS TO KEEP YOU WARM THIS WINTER 13| TIPS FOR STAYING WARM TIPS FOR SAVING ELECTRICITY TIPS FOR SAVING MONEY v Wear extra layers v Use energy saving light bulbs v Take a flask of hot drink to work instead v Wear clothes made from wool, cotton or fleecy fabrics if possible v Switch off unnecessary appliances of buying expensive coffees v Unplug chargers that may draw power v Prepare your own lunch instead of v Improve the energy efficiency of your home by sealing drafts buying each day V Don't leave electronic items on standby v Shop around for the best energy deals v Insulate your roof v Turn your washing machine down to 30 degrees v Ensure heating is only on when people are in the house v Use a hot water bottle v Eat plenty of hot meals containing carbohydrates Sources DOSH express. Electicity

The Scary Cost of Winter

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