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Pricing A Scarce Resource: Water

PRICING A SCARCE RESOURCE: WATER WE SHOULD INTRODUCE WATER CHARGES They are less harmful to the economy than other taxes. Ireland is the only country in the OECD that does not charge for domestic water use. PUBLIC WATER SYSTEM COSTS e1.2BN A YEAR This has to be funded from somewhere. Irish Water can borrow from international markets without contributing to the national debt. Those who use most, pay most. Those who invest WATER METERING AND THE ENVIRONMENTAL DIVIDEND: costs are reduced by conserving water that otherwise would have been wasted. in more efficient washing machines, showers etc. DAX IT IS EASIER, QUICKER AND CHEAPER TO FIND LEAKS. .. will be rewarded. The need for expensive capital investment is reduced. SHORTAGES CAN BE AVOIDED. INDEPENDENT THINKING ON PUBLIC POLICY CHOICES PUBLIC POLIČY.IE We advised against the free water allowance that benefits everyone equally, Protection administer benefits to including the rich, rather than focusing resources on the poor. We recommended Dept. of Social We warned against a repeat of the HSE set up experience. (MAR 2012) the poorest: not Irish Water. (DEC 2013) We are living in an era of climate change. Extreme weather events are going to impact us more in the coming years. SUMMARY - -- - --- 1. WE SHOULD INTRODUCE WATER CHARGES. 2. WATER CHARGES SHOULD BE BASED SOLELY ON METERED USE It's a pity that Water Charges weren't introduced during the boom, when we were better able to afford it. 3. NO INTERIM FIXED CHARGE. ...... "WE ARE THE FIRST GENERATION TO FEEL THE EFFECTS OF CLIMATE CHANGE AND THE LAST GENERATION TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT" Lord David Puttnam @Tedx Dublin DATA BY PUBLICPOLICY.JE | INFOGRAPHIC BY TREETOP STUDIO & BRIGHTSPARK CONSULTING

Pricing A Scarce Resource: Water

shared by aisgriff on Jul 27
Infographic design for Public Policy regarding the Irish ‘water charges’ debate. Designed in conjunction with Brightspark Consulting.


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