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A Jacob Marley redemption

Victorian. Christmas Ginctionn A Jacob Marley Redemption Credit Card Payment Plan IMAS Top three items consumers planned to purchase as gits in 2011 the dawn of the industrial revolution all throughout Victorian England and across the Atlantic in the United States. Mass production of goods would forever change Christmas because it made once extravagant items-such as decorative textiles and toys-affordable. New wealth generated by 19 century factories further allowed more people to take time off from work and travel for the Christmas holiday, and the rich were increasingly prodded to be charitable at this time of year, as depicted in Charles Dickens' 1843 classic A Christmas Carol. ক এ Clothing 2 Toys Reign of 3 Queen Victoria Books al ems that became affordable though manutactung advasces in te century a Sane o e Christmas Consumers The Perny Post introduced ana system whereby a perny stamp paid for the postage of a leter or card to anywhere in Britain O Sth century consmer i we who squanden or wastes DYS conumer inon who ues oods or arides (epposite of producer First known publinhed Christmas cand appeared in London when Sit Henry Cole hired artiot John Calcot Honley to design a holidey card that he could send to his ends and quaintances "cemumer good • B19 "cenume prioe inde int cakulated "Pr arevtation Oydg ti An engraving originally published by usboted London Niews and later copied in an 1850 edition of Godey's Ladys Book in the US, depided young Qoeen Victoria with her dashing husband Prince Albert and their happy beood of chideen gathered around a large Christma ree, a tradition the Geman prince brought to Windior Cae. The image offered ordinary people an aspirational ideal of tamily de junt an the rise of the middle dass was twinkin in the commoner's eyn 6% of sunyed Americans ware stl paying of cedt card purchines Som he 2010 heliday seon in Ocober 2011. Demond for goodi elod he Mearion aconony e pedod of socal ur ond Donstmation there s no doute shor dothing porsonaland household po wwimpotn ways of communicating ane poution in acin s TnoN en The mtee o C Ma a So Co mpog Jacob's Chart + How Long will you be Haunted by the Ghost of Christmas Past? Louis Prang a Ceman immigrant, started a small thographic buiness near Boston. In the early 1870 Prang began publshing delae editions of Christ October 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 Average Self-Rreorted mas cards that were sold S715 Holday Spending S700 S907 in England in I875, he introduced the fivst com plete kne of Chvistmas cards to the American public Forecant 13.08 13.57 Aveage Consemer Cred Cand inerest Bate for 14.26 431 14.68 14.75 TheQu Accounts Assessed leterest While stories of S Nicho las, known as Sinter Klaas in Holland, came to the Americas with Dutch settien an early as the 17th century, the holiday do gooder became known How Long Would You le 4 years 4 years 4 years 5 years 6 years 6 years 4 Hausted by the Chest of and Ss total and 122 kotal interest paid and s241 total and San total and s47 total and 5427 total nterest paid tarest pad interest paid Christmas Pant Interest paid interest pad "Th the tmewld take to pay ef he debt and the total interest charges If yeu make enly he minimm monthly paymont in Britain and the United States as Santa Cleun in the 1870 H A Forecast Helday Spending Were Crodit Card Debt S64 amonth and Sa tota interest paid S47A month $amonth Jacob Marleys Rolling Cristmas Club Redemption Payment Plan e S6s a moath S2 month S2a month RH Macy's in New York is credited with the St reative holiday window dinplay of mechandise and in-store Santa Claus and S57 total Interest paid and SS total and otal and S4 botal Interest paid and $4 total interest paid interest pald interest pad "The is the menty pyment amt ye aed te maha te cear this Chrntmas debt in 2 manths and the tetal interast chorges you would pas Sour Galle. federal Reserve Frank Wolworth, of English descent, frst sold manufactured Christmas Clation in bad on e o Teal ti nd cot to pay yalana ny de cnd my kd y m ja s Wedek wthe the pat your l ent only a perctage d blnce orndule at y bon tee omaments at his store od to pay yur balan by unukg the mi at will depend un the teo Your account nd in Lancaster Pennsyvania be for mu tionwty TOYS Dollhouses The fint dotheuses displaed the miniature posessiom of very wealthy adult Europeanm in he lae 1sos, sening as symboh of a ladys wah and reined tastus Ma production metods of he 19th century owed boy mandatarers to oate doheeses cheaply as playthings for chikdn, and more children of he prowing middie de laed w hese miniature oases in their playroons Clockwork Toys During the 19th century, factory- made toys, such as tin soldiers and dockwork toys, first became available to people other than the very rich, who had enjoyed costly handmade playthings prior to this period Sour The Nuional Toy Hall of fame The Seong is Rachene Y Fourth Quarter U.S. Consumer Spending for Toys, Games and Hobbies 81,116 70,746 61,656 65,031 54,010 en millions of 2005 Inilation-adjusted chained dollars) S10 19,842 20409 23,627 37133 40.083 44,101 .547 18,510 19,842 20,409 49,547 Qanen and morth onaly adted d Naivd Noveer 15 21 40,083 27, 199 29,937 32,653 190s Q4 1996 Q4 197 Q4 T9 Q 4 2000 Q4 2001 Q4 2002 Q4 20es Q4 2004 Q4 200s Q4 2006 Q4 2007 Q4 20oa Q4 Sa u D id C d n yf ut n oan 1999 Q4 200 Q4 2010 Q4 by tO n n Christmas Candles Christmas Trees 1879 ..:. abodection of te ige bb ed to a decte i 1510 1604 candle making 90% The fint decorated Chistes tree The lem "Chistmas tree 1900s placed in a RigA Lahla public marketpiace by a merchants ptM. A pleque marks the spot whee h original tree stood Hsteriars believe Martin Luther's finst appeared in Stasburg Asace. the growth of te oil and mealpacking indestries generated podach tu were basi inggedeats of Cndles paaffin and bearic ad of all candles ae purchased by women 1990s tree was decorated in northorn Germany a few decades after the one in Latvia 35% Fer the ist time i more than acenury w ypes of cande wes we being devloped n he tted States, agrkast hemhts began lo develop soybean wL softer and skowe buning wa han parattin. thewhee afforts were under wy to develop paln wa for use in candles of U.S. candle sales occur during the Christmas Sou tatonal ma ca season 45,091 . acres of epen land InUnied States are $2 billion 75% presontly dedicated to growing Christmas bees arent annal U.S ntail sales of and uding candle pun Jugap spm accesories. af candle users coosider fragran ce to be the leadg fector in detarmining their purchase S Cem san htnd ande en Greeting Cards Manufactured Ornaments Mone than 2 billion boed and dal Cria cards we sold in the US. last yeat $983 million S O a U.S. Retail Christmas 15.8 billion The valus of uS. inports of Cristas tree ernaments from Tree Sales in 2010 China, Be kading coustry of arigia for swch es betwen lamry and Sptember 2011 Number: 27 million Can, ens and paduges wi ely be delive Fed by the Uned Maes Pestal Service betwean hankagiving and Chrhtman f Se VACe SoUS Pd Sen 8.2 million Soure Hw e Camnyrl C Tree type: Real Artificial Purchased: $976 5530 million million CreditDonkey

A Jacob Marley redemption

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Graphic design to show how the christmas spirit has changed into a big spending event


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