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Pet Care Expenses

Keep Vet Expenses from Becoming a Pet Peeve People love their pets, so no one wants to come up short in an emergency. In fact, some experts say most pets will have at least one emergency in their lifetime. Overview of Pet Owned Humans Plus, costs are continually on the rise. (Total U.S. Numbers) 37.2% 32.4% 3.9% Households With Cats Households Households With Dogs (>43 million households, 72.1 million dogs) (37.5 million households, 81.7 million cats) With Birds (4.5 million households, 11.2 million birds) Households With Horses (2.1 million households. 7.3 million horses) Average Number of Pets Per Household 1.7 2.2 2.5 3.5 Dogs Cats Birds Horses Kudos for Italy! It's against the law to euthanize a cat or dog in Italy unless the animal has an incurable illness or is dangerous.** (%) 50 my pet said they would choose the company of their cat or dog if they were on a deserted island rather than another human. Exotics Number of Households Total U.S. Population (%) (%) 30 45 Fish of pet owners think their spouse or significant other listens to them best. of pet owners think their 75.9 pet listens to them best. million million (%) (%) Ferrets 93 64 0,5 6,2 Rabbits 1,9 are likely to risk their own would expect their pet to lives for their pet. come to their rescue. Hamsters 0,8 1,2 Guinea Pigs 0,6 1,0 (%) (%) Gerbils 94 94 0,2 0,4 Other Rodents think their pet has human- like personality traits. take their pet for regular veterinary checkups. 0,5 0,9 Turtles 1,1 i2,0 Snakes (%) 0,4 '0, (%) 55 Lizards 49.7 0,7 (1,1 of pet owners considered their pets to be family members in 2006. Other Birds have an emergency prepared- ness plan that includes provi- sions for their pet. 0,5 5,0 ** SOURCE: Slater, M.R., et. al (2008). Free-roaming Dogs and Cats in Central Italy: Public Perceptions of the Problem. Preventive Veterinary Medicine, 84 (1-2), 27-47. doi:10.1016/j.prevetmed.2007.10.002 Vet Care $13.59 On the Rise National Expenditures 67.2% billion $13.41 billion $100 4-7% Vet costs have Vet costs have increased between 4 and 7% per year risen 67.2% from In 2011, Americans spent It was estimated that they would spend $13.59 billion in 2012. November 2001 to November 2011. $13.41 billion on vet care. from 2000 to 2010. Average Vet Costs in 2007 Cats typically only meow at humans, not each other. Annual Vet Visits Per Household (mean) Annual Vet Expenditure Per Household (mean) Veterinary Expenditure Per Animal (mean) Dogs Cats Birds Horses 2.6 1.7 0.3 2.2 $356 $190 $360 $25 $200 $81 $9 $92 High Tech Brings High Costs Numbers of Active Board Certified Specialists Cardiology Small Animal Internal Medicine 208 1,144 Large Animal Internal Medicine Neurology Oncology (cancer) Microbiologists Pathologists Radiologists Veterinary Surgeons 497 204 | 281 | 216 1,637 408 1,386 CreditDonkey SOURCES: American Veterinary Medicine Association, 2007 U.S. Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook; American Animal Hospital Association; American Pet Products Association; U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Pet Care Expenses

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INFOGRAPHIC: Pet Care: Plan Ahead to Keep Finances from Going to the Dogs Climbing Cost of Vet Care Means Owners Must Plan AheadIn an era of tight family budgets and rising veterinary bills, pet ow...


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