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Invade Wall St.

INVADE WALL ST. PERMISSION TO PROSPER HAS BEEN GRANTED OCCUPY WALL STREET Protesting those who willingly manipulate the masses is not enough. We must elevate our thinking in pursuit of a more prosperous society. Everyone knows life isn't easy. Sometimes it even feels like a war. Often we have to fight to make even our simplest goals a reality. However, if you know how to fight and have a clear understand- ing of what you are fighting for you can suceed. The Invade Wall St. movement will show you how to fight for your dreams. MENTAL CLARITY Wall Street is more of a mentality than a physical location. The Wall Street culture is a learned behavior that allows a few people to CONTROL the masses. The 1% vs. the 99%. The Wall Street arena puts billions of dollars into the pockets of the big wigs. Who really stimulates the consistent persistence of this Wall Street mentality? Is i us or them? VOLUNTARY SLAVERY LLLL. We live in a culture of credit cards, endless loans, social security, and government handouts rating an atmosphere of litle planing for the future. This gives us a false sense of safety. In reality the wealthy rule over the poor and anyone who borrows from the 19% becomes a willing slave to the very people we protest. CADHOLDEN Wage slavery:the state where you are unable to perceive choices and create courses of action different from the grind of the job. Wage slave: A wage earner whose livelihood is completely dependent on the wages earned and distributed at the permission of the 19%. WE THE PEOPLE = THE 99% %3D Wall Street is a symbol of the "greed and corruption" that took over America and caused the mess we find ourselves in today. But let's take a minute to examine the problem a little deeper to develop a more precise plan of attack: In 1997 Andrew Cuomo, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under Bll Clinton, allowed Fannie Mae to reduce the standards by which they would secure loans. This helped create the entire subprime category. Was this a bad thing? Of course not - it allowed more people to leave the less desirable neighborhoods for better ones, and achieve the American Dream of owning a home. Who knew that "Dream' would turn into a nightmare in a mere decade. 99% We can blame the Federal Reserve of course. They lowered interest rates after the dot- com bust so much that there was no way for anybody to achieve safe, steady returns using conservative investments. 70 plus million people who find their financial futures shackled to 401k plans and pension plans wanted higher returns. So we the people went to the banks and said, What can we do? And the banks said, Well, you're the ones asking for higher returns, so here it is. And they bundled together all the newly made subprime mortgages into mortgage-backed securities (MBS) so that the average guy could finally feel better about his still poorly utilized investment vehicle of choice.the 401k! We the people stop putting our money in bonds and start buying stocks. 401k plans across the country looked great! It worked! Until it didn't. QUICKSAND! BANKS AND HEDGE FUNDS = THE 1% Banks bundled together these mortgage-backed securities. Banks Banks started risking millions, and billions of dollars in risky invest- ments and losing a lot of your money. Don't complain, hell we gave you free checking! 1% Hedge funds suddenly saw these poorly structured mortgage- backed securities yielding 10% and immediately bought them up. Just Win Baby! But then investment banks like Lehman Brothers saw what the hedge funds were doing, and they started doing it too. They SCOoped up as much yield as they could. More Greed. Fewer Returns! PROBLEM -They needed more of YOUR MONEY to risk. Large mutual fund companies, banks, and other investing giants had a lot to gain from your dollars staying in their pockets so they seduced you with backroom deals, slick advertising, and false promises. Fool Me Once! THE MEDIA = THE P.R. FIRMS OF THE 1% The media's designed framework in which the 99% of us live our lives under this framework control the world's most valuable commodity - actionable information. Under this framework the masses are brainwashed to act without clarity. Under this framework why wouldn't the 19% start a channel or 2 just for financial advice. This is where those touting investment advice and the media come together to make this insatiable Goliath. Why do you think Channelslike CNBC and BLOOMBERG primarly exist? Occupy It'sin everyone's best interest to keep this easy-money market mentality going, everyone but you the miseducated and EASILY MANIPULATED consumer. THE 1% value control over your thinking and over your planning. YOU HAVE BEEN A WILLING VICTIM! THE DIAGNOSIS It's all about control. If you want to stop major banks from investing our dollars in risky investments, we have to give them less control. If you want to stop the hemorhaging of retirement dollars down the market drain, we have to give them less control If we want to stop creating major bubbles and giving Wall Street brokers our dollars to buy their 4th vacation home off the coast of the Mediterranean, we have to give them less control. We can not continue to permeate an unhealthy state of mind and expect a healthy state of economics and government to exist. Even though the chips may seem like they are stacked against the 99%, and even though we have painted the picture that the fault is on them, they cannot give us anything we do not accept. RULES FOR THE INVASION • Clear your mind. Get everything out f the way of the target. Then you will clearly see what weapons you'll need and what movement is required to change what you're fighting for. • Without a focused mind, results are happenstance, temporary. • Prioritize your life and your movement so you can do things in an effective order to get results more efficiently which means faster results. • You can't grow if you won't humble yourself and recognize that you are part of the problem. • You must be prepared to wage war with yourself before you fight the system. 000 ATTACK THE MONEY TRAIL The ancient Chinese War General Sun Tzu once said the following: "The impact of your army may be like a grindstone dashed against an egg, use the science of weak points and strong." "You may advance and be absolutely iresistible if you make for the enemy's weak points; you may retire and be safe from pursuit if your movements are more rapid than those of the enemy." "An army may march great distances without distress if it marches through country where the enemy is not. You can be sure of succeeding in your attacks if you only attack places that are undefended. You can ensure the safety of your defense if you only hold Although these words were spoken over 1,000 positions that cannot be attacked. That general is skillful in attack years ago it's relevance in regards to our nations Wall Street mentality applies perfectly. not know what to defend; and he is skilful in defense whose Everyday the 1% with assistance from your consumer mentality sends trillion of dollars through the Foreign Currency Market. This market is so massive it's literally undefendable. whose opponent does opponent does not know what to attack." The Foreign Currency Market will serve as our weapon of choice as we reshape not only America but the world from the grassroots up. THE WEAK POINT OF THE 1% If you're a reader of financial news or a viewer of the business news channels, you're undoubtedly familiar with the term "Forex" - an acronym for Foreign Exchange, or FX for short. The Forex market is concerned with the buying and selling of the currencies of just about every country on earth. Needless to say, this market is HUGE! And, until just recently, only the Big Boys could play in the gargantuan Forex sandbox. Guys like huge corporations,hedge funds, large commodity trading advisors and other institutional investors. The Forex market has an average daily volume of almost two TRILLION dollars per day! Let's put that into perspective. The New York Stock Exchange has an average daily volume of approximately $25 billion. That means the Forex market is 200 times larger than the Big Board! In fact, the daily volume of the Forex market is triplethe size of all other investment markets combined! The popularity of foreign exchange trading has truly exploded on the investing radar with average investors, but very few make money. No one can "corner the market." The Forex market is so huge and has so many global players that no single individual or entity.not even a central bank. can control the market for any significant period of time. There is no "insider trading."Because of the vast size of the global Forex market and its non-centralized nature, there is no chance whatsoever for disruptions caused by insider trading. There is less chance for fraud in the Forex market than in any other investment market. A very desirable byproduct of extremely high liquidity i almost instantaneous transactions executed with blinding speed. Finally, and this is the true bottom line for the Forex market's popularity -if you get really good at currency trading, your potential financial reward is so big it can make your head swim! How big? Well, George Soros recently guessed right on the British pound tanking and made over one billion dollars in a single day! WHEN THE STUDENT IS READY OPPORTUNITY WILL APPEAR Even with all these benefts, there is a very steep learning curve to mastering yourself let alone your finances. That is where we, at Invade Wall St, step in: With nearly a decade of learning and practical experience, our founders via the Invade Wall St. Community will help guide you through the complexity of this abundant target known as the forex. We will guide you through the difference between smart money and dumb money. The Invade Wall St. Community will help you rebuild your dream, in spite of all the closed doors and the voices who live to tell you no. We'l help you use your precious investment capital to gain results that has alluded millions. We'll help rebuild communities by providing the investment infor- mation that will enable millions to become economically sovereign of the 1%. POWER ONLY RESPECTS POWER. We'll empower that masses through the world most valuable commodity- ACTIONABLE INFORMATION! A COMMUNITY OF WELL FUNDED REVOLUTIONNAIRES Social media has the potential to dramatically improve the inner workings of every grassroots movement across the world. Thousands of organizations impacting miins of people for the good. Humans have always been driven to share with one another. Since our ancestors came into being, this has been part of our survival mechanism and our natural preference. When people on the farm worked with their neighbors, putting up a barn or exchanging wheat for corn, they shared information about a harvesting technique and a new recipe. They created and sustained social capital. They drew upon reciprocity to solve common problems. Social capital became financial capital as two farmers who exchanged tols could do more while buying less. The Invade Wall St. Community will transform the way we enable learning and collaboration in the lives of grassroots organizations and its supporters. We foster a new culture of sharing, one in which wealth production is in abundance. Our community change almost immediate, enabling people to easily interact with those with whom they share a passion, a curiosity, a skill, ora need. Back by an investment environment that will enable its most committed folloWs to retake control of their lives. You can not occupy that which you do not control. You can not control that which you do not understand. Join the movement! Permission To Prosper Has Been Granted

Invade Wall St.

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Permission To Prosper Has Been Granted


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