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What Should You Occupy?

WHAT SHOULD YOU OCCUPY? Do you have a job? Not that hard, obviously. So what are you trying to accomplish? Join the best drum circle. yes Have you tried looking? Incite major social change. Did you vote in 2008? Do you make more than $343ka year? Meet chicks (because chicks dig protestors) Did you vote McCain/Palin? Is it cool if people tread on you? Were you old enough? Are you in school? Sure, if they have my best interests in OCCUPY mind. A turkey bacon club What would you do with an Aston Martin? Are you a veteran? Have your butler thoroughly detail it. Flip it over and light it on fire. OCCUPY OCCUPY Who's Aston Martin? Your private island, one percenter. Your home touwn. When you're not occupying a protest, do you occupy a home? How do you pay for t? of the War aigt fo Loans yes OCCUPY OCCUPY My parents pay A shower. A job interview When was that? Seriously? OCCUPY Your parent's basement JUST PLAYIN OCCUPY WALLSTREET OCCUPY Wikipedia. 52 MEDIAGROUP

What Should You Occupy?

shared by erinever on Dec 21
It all started with Occupy Wall Street. Now, you can occupy anything from URLS to Tim Tebow, and for the novice protester, that means difficult waters to navigate. Fear not, this flow chart will help ...


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