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The Gold Tree - Forms of gold investment, uses and sources of gold

The Gold Tree Where gold comes from and where it goes Forms of gold investment ABOVE GROUND STOCKS 51% Jewellery 18% Investment Gold is used in four different fields 12% Technology 2% unaccounted for 17% Central Banks TRUCTURED PRODUCTS OPTIONS CLOSED-END FUNDS DERIVATIVES GOLD STORED AT HOME FUTURES SECURITIES COLD GOLD BACKE SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES JUNIOR PRODUCER MINING STOCKS PHYSICAL MAJOR PRODUCER BULLION GOLD/COINS GOLD MINING ETF GOLD MINING COMPANIES VAULTED GOLD INVESTMENT FUNDS MINING MUTUA, FUNDS 18% 1,650 tonnes of gold ALL THE GOLD MINED IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND 166,600t INVESTMENT are recycled annually 12% TECHNOLOGY 51% JEWELLERY 17% CENTRAL BANKS 2,500 tonnes of gold are mined annually 1,200 IDENTIFIED UNDERGROUND RESERVES: APPROXIMATELY OCEANIA 302 7.300 PAPUA NEW GUINEA AFRICA 445 t Australia 9% AUSTRALIA Papua New Guinea 3% New Zealand 1% 50,000 t S.Africa 8%| Ghana 4% 400 NORTH AMERICA 387 t Mali 2% GHANA Tanzania 2% 6.000 Guinea 1% SOUTH SOUTH AFRICA AMERICA 422 t | United States 9% ASIA Canada 4% Mexico 2% Guatemala 0.3% Nicaragua 0.1% 640t 2,400 1,900 1,400 China 13% BRAZIL 3,000 Indonesia 5% Uzbekistan 4% Philippines 2% Кугgуzstan 1% MEXICO CHINA | 2.000 UNITED STATES 990 3,000 PERU EUROPE 250 t CANADA INDONESIA 3,400 Peru 7% - Brazil 2% 1,700 UZBEKISTAN CHILE Colombia 2% Argentina 2% Chile 2% Russia 8% Kazakhstan 1% 5,000 Turkey 0.5% Identified underground Annual supply from mining Finland 0.3% AUSSIA reserves Sweden 0.2% Sources: U.S. Geological Survey, GFMS, World Gold Council, Trustable Gold TRUSTABLE compare gold investments OPEN-ENDED FUNDS EXCHANGE TRAD ORNAMENTAL BARS EXCHANGE TRADED COMMODITIES URACKE NUMISMATIC COINS COLLECTORS' g USES OF GOLD INDEX TRACKERS EXPLORER GOLD CURITIES DEVELOPER SOURCES OF GOLD

The Gold Tree - Forms of gold investment, uses and sources of gold

shared by trustablegold on Jan 25
The Gold Tree Infographic visualizes uses and sources of gold and pictures the various forms of gold investments.


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