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The Cost of Halloween

The Cost of Halloween How much do Americans spend on Halloween? The amount spent on costumes, candy, decorations and trick-or-treating is a boom for business! The Cost of Costumes In 2014, shoppers spent $2.8 billion on Halloween costumes! Child Adult Pet Costumes Costumes Costumes of Americans in 2015 will purchase a 67.4% Halloween costume 23 million people will dress their pets in costumes Top Three Costumes for Children Adults 1. Princess 1. Pumpkin 2. Superhero 2. Hot Dog 3. Fairy 3. Cat The Cost of Candy Americans have spent roughly $2 billion on candy over each of the past three years! 2015 is expected to see $2.5 billion in sales. Top 5 Favorite Candies 72% of all candy spending this Halloween will be on chocolate! Here are the top 5: 1. Reese's, $509.85 million 2. M&M's, $500.82 million 3. Snickers, $456.91 million 4. Hershey's, $324.63 million 5. Kit Kat, $306.51 million The Cost of Decorations $2 billion will be spent on Halloween decorations! 49% of people will decorate their homes for Halloween. 54 million people will throw or attend a Halloween party in 2015! Where do they get their prations? ½ of all shoppers buy their Halloween items at discount stores. I 4 of shoppers will buy their Halloween supplies at grocery stores. I 4 of shoppers will buy their Halloween decorations at party supply stores. 11 bill'ion pounds of pumpkins will be purchased! S pooky Sales Jotal 162 million The average Americans will spend people are expected to person will $350 million to purchase spend $1.52 on the holiday celebrate Halloween this 21 million year! Halloween cards Total Halloween spending – which includes costumes, candy and decorations – will $7.4 billion this year! equate to CaşhNetUSA. EMoney's on the uay References "Lam, B. (21 October 2014). Wait, americans spend how much on halloween? Retrieved September 15, 2015 from ?Reynolds, T. (24 September 2014). Record number of americans to buy halloween costumes. Retrieved September 15, 2015 from SHess, A. (27 October 2013). Most popular halloween candy in the USA. Retrieved September 15, 2015 from "Carlozo, L. (21 October 2014). How much do americans spend on halloween candy? Eight spooky stats. Retrieved September 15, 2015 from ey/2014/1021/How-much-do-Americans-spend-on-Halloween-candy-Eight-spooky-stats SThe National Retail Federation. (13 July 2014). Halloween statistics. Retrieved September 15, 2015 from Zanifesto. (27 September 2014). Spooky spending for Halloween 2014. Retrieved September 15, 2015 from $1.1 billion $1.4 billion $350 million

The Cost of Halloween

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If you celebrate Halloween, how much do you spend compared to the average American? Below we break down the cost of Halloween. You might be surprised to learn how much Americans spend on this spooky holiday.






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