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The Best Places In The World To Launch A Startup

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION THE BEST PLACES IN THE WORLD TO LAUNCHA STARTUP FACTORS THAT MAKE A PLACE ATTRACTIVE TO STARTUPS FUNDING (Including investors, loans, & government grants) Startups can work for years before they earn profits. That's why so many rely on funding. Without funding, startups cannot develop products and services that will eventually make the company profitable. EDUCATED WORKFORCE Tech startups rely on an educated workforce that understands how to develop new ideas and follow complex directions. LOW COST OF LIVING A low cost of living often means that startups pay less for offices, labs, and commercial property. In many cases, it also means that companies can pay employees less without affecting their quality of life. ECONOMIC HEALTH Startups need the stability of a healthy economy. Without economic health, there are too many uncertainties that can force startups to take fewer risks and slow progress. $- SIT LOW CORPORATE TAXES Low corporate taxes let successful startups devote more money to researching and developing new ideas instead of paying the government. BEST PLACES FOR STARTUPS IN 2014 Hong Kong Hong Kong's 16.5% corporate tax rate makes it an excellent location for startups in 2014. The low consumer price index and high number of people with post-secondary educations also makes it attractive. Cyberport Plans to provide $25.8 million to startups over next three years StartmeupHK InvestHK Hong Kong-based program to fianance technology startups Government program that supports business ventures 51.8% Secondary Education 27.7% Post-Secondary Education 93.5% Literacy Rate 3.2% Unemployment All Consumer Price Indices Relative to New York City NYC - 100 Consumer Price Index Food Rent 90.58 108.91 82.73 up to 16.5% Inflation GDP 4.3% $0.26T Canada Canada's low cost of living and highly-educated workforce makes it a great destination for 2014's startups. Since the country's inflation rate is nearly flat, companies can expect to continue paying low prices for the foreseeable future. Business Development Canada Provides venture capital, long-term loans, consulting services, and subordinate financing to small businesses Community Futures The Funding Portal Offers business development loans as well as tech support and training to small businesses Makes it easier for startups to understand and apply for government grants and other funding options III 88% Secondary Education 24.2% 99% 7% Unemployment Post-Secondary Education Literacy Rate All Consumer Price Indices Relative to New York City NYC = 100 Consumer Price Index Food Rent 94.72 35.96 88.30 up to 26% Inflation GDP 1.2% $1.82T United States Although the United States has a high corporate tax rate compared to many countries, startups often tolerate the tax burden because of its relatively low cost of living, educated workforce, and miniscule inflation. Startup America Gust The U.S. Small Business Administration program focused on helping startups secure funding and growth opportunities Single source that helps entrepreneurs discover funding from government agencies Connects investors with entrepreneurs. So far, Gust has distributed over $1.8 billion to startups 87.65% Secondary Education 30.94% Bachelor's Degree 57.28% Some College 99% Literacy Rate 6.6% Unemployment All Consumer Price Indices Relative to New York City NYC = 100 Consumer Price Index 77.40 Food Rent 83.16 36.78 up to $$$$$$ $$$$$$ $$$$$ 40% Inflation 1.5% GDP $16.24T Singapore Singapore should attract 2014 startups that want to avoid high taxes. With a 17% corporate tax rate and low inflation, Singapore makes a great location for companies that need to focus money on research and development. National Research Foundation i.Jam Micro Funding Scheme SPRING A government program that helps startups find funding while helping them make smart decisions that promote business growth This government program has an Early Stage Venture Fund dedicated to early-stage tech startups Connects startups with incubators who invest up to 25 percent of the new business's project costs 68.8% Secondary Education 95.9% Literacy Rate 1.8% Unemployment All Consumer Price Indices Relative to New York City NYC - 100 Consumer Price Index Food Rent 89.81 96.92 101.59 up to 17% Inflation GDP 1.5% $0.27T Australia Australia's well-educated workforce and low rental costs make it a good location for startups that need plenty of space to develop their products. Australian Government ANZ Innovyz START Telstra Program that helps fund and develop about 10 new businesses each year Plans to invest $800,000 Provides grants for qualified startups in startups during 2014 25% Bachelor's Degree 99% Literacy Rate 6% Unemployment All Consumer Price Indices Relative to New York City NYC = 100 Consumer Price Index Food Rent 107.56 58.59 111.39 up to $$ 30% Inflation GDP 2.7% $1.53T SOURCES: http:/ http://www.usinflationcalaulator.comvinflationvament-inflation-rates/ http://www.springgowsg/Pages/Homepage.aspx pi http://www.nrf.govsg/rmovation enterprise/earlystage-venture-fund with-lower-corporate-taxes Pages/overview1.apx schemesfor-startups attract-entrepreneurs-according-entrepreneurs/8349/ places startup-infographic/ growthvindex_on.htm http://www.bloombargcom/ 2014.html http://www.singstat.govsg/statistiks/latest datahtmi#18 http://wwww.corferenaboardcahp/detals/education/highschookgradutionrate.epx hittp:// iving/ http://www.startmeup hk/ http://www.investhk.govhk/ndax.htrml invest 800_000 year_startups/ degree_credentials double_Gqla http://www.sbagowabout-sbasba nitistives/startup america/about startup america http://www.grants.gowwob/grantshomehtmljsessionid=RbvqTCSGHhzY10Z40g2 KlwrmpfSxZ9FNITYhTLZLMX3Hgkw.d ate-tax-rates-table.aspx 7g8NAcBkc37501PP http://www.gowhk/en/about/abouthk/factsheets/docs/populationpd https://www.cia.gowibrarypublications/the worldfactbook/field/2103html http://www.census.gowhhes/socdemoveducation/data/qps/2012/tableshtml iving/country result.jsp?country-United+States College of O Business WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY %24

The Best Places In The World To Launch A Startup

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This piece explores some of the best places on Earth to launch a startup. These locations were chosen after identifying five of the most common factors that make a location attractive to potential sta...


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