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The Benefits of Global Vision Correction

LET THERE BE SIGHT THE BENEFITS OF A 20/20 WORLD 80% of blindness in the world today is avoidable. Many sight related ailments that plague developing countries are preventable with simple corrective measures. Ranging from glasses to basic surgery, sight correction would create jobs, improve safety, and save millions of lives. THE GLOBAL BREAKDOWN HOW MANY ARE AFFECTED? 285 MILLION PEOPLE WORLDWIDE 39 MILLIÓN 246 MILLION people are visually impaired people are blind -90% -65% -85% -20% Of the world's visually impaired are located in developing countries. ..Despite this, the 50+ generation only make up 20% of the global population 65% Of the global total of visually impaired are 50+ years old 85% Of the global total blind people are 50+ years old TOP OPHTHALMIC ISSUES UNCORRECTED REFRACTIVE ERRORS Myopia, Hypermetropia, Astigmatism, Presbyopia: Conditions that make an image blurred when refracted onto the retina. Cornea WHAT IS IT? -Light Focuses Incorrectly Iris Optic Nerve Corrective lenses, contacts, or corrective surgery such as LASIK (photorefractive keratectomy). TREATMENT Pupil Lens HOW DOES IT AFFECT OUR WORLD? 153 MILLION people suffer from visual'impairment due to refractive errors CAUSE OF 33% 544 MILLION of world's impairment people are near visual impairment & could benefit from correction 300 400 500 600O * IN MILLIONS 100 200 CATARACTS A clouding of the eye lens that prevents the passage of light ihrough the pupil. Clouded Lens Distorts or Blocks Light WHAT IS IT? Cornea Iris There are two main surgical techniques for removing cataracts: extraçapsular cataract extraction and phacoemulsifi cation. TREATMENT? Pupil Lens HOW DOES IT AFFECT THE WORLD? 20.5 MILLION - CAUSE OF people age 40+ in U.s. have a cataract in one or both eyes 48% of world's blindness 18 MIШION people worldwide are blind due to cataracts. 10 15 20 25 * IN MILLIONS GLAUCOMA Pressure Build-up A disease caused from increased fluid pressure in the eye. The pressure constricts and damages the optic nerve. WHAT IS IT? Damaged Optic Nerve Though Glaucoma can't be cured, treatment & regular checkups can prevent further damage. Pressure reducing eye drops are most common. TREATMENT? Fluid HOW DOES IT AFFECT THE WORLD? 60.5 MILLION 10% Estimated Glaucoma cases worldwide of patients lose vision 4.5 MILLION people are blind 'from Glaucoma 10 20 30 40 50 60 * IN MILLIONS CHILDHOOD BLINDNESS Blindness caused mainly by vitamin A deficiency, measles, conjunctivitis in the newborn, congenital cataract, and retinopathy of prematurity. Complete absence of form & visual light perception. Cornea- WHAT IS IT? Since there are many causes of the condition, treatment strategies vary. Pupil Lens TREATMENT? HOW DOES IT AFFECT THE WORLD? Vitamin A Deficiency death rates increased 1 MILLION Of blind children are in Asia 34% 300,000 Of blind children are in Africa 60% 500,000 of children die from this deficiency Children go blind each year 200,000 400,000 600,000 800,00O 1,000,000 STEPS TOWARD A SOLUTION WHAT D O WE NEED? WHAT WILL IT DO? MORE CLINICAL REFRACTIONISTS CREATE THOUSANDS OF JOBS There are currently only 167,000 clinical refractionists, and most of these are in the developed world. 47,000 more are needed. From manufacturing products, to instructors, to traveling clinicians themselves, this will create many jobs in a rocky economý. IMPROVE WORKING CONDITIONS MORE EDUCATIONAL FACILITIES To create more practicing clinicians, educational facilities need to be put in place to train them properly. It will increase the safety of count- less manual laborers in developing countries. You can't work well with a hammer if you can't see the nail! MORE OPHTHALMIC DISPENSERS IMPROVE LIVING CONDITIONS In addition to trained doctors, production of glasses, contact lenses, and medication must increase as well. 18,000 more dispensaries are needed. The ability to see will improve the living conditions for millions of people, giving them the ability to do everyday tasks quicker and'easier. PECFD EвFEи Р WHAT WILL IT COST? TO SOLVE THIS ISSU.. TO IGNORE THIS ISSUE... -$28 BILLION $202 BILLION This is undoubtedly a costly venture but its estimated impact is even more incredible. A $28 billion dollar investment will result in $1 Trillion being added to the global economy in 5 years. To not take açtion in solving this problem is much more costly than implementing a solution. The dollar amount is equivalent to 1/75th of the GDP of the U.S. Avoidable blindness is defined as a condition which could be treated or prevented by known, cost-effective means. Awareness is the key to action - now that we know, the next step is addressing an issue with hopes of having the greatest possible worldwide impact. Sources ZENNI

The Benefits of Global Vision Correction

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80% of blindness in the world today is avoidable. Many sight related ailments that plague developing countries are preventable with simple corrective measures, ranging from glasses to basic corrective surgery.


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