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Is The American Dream Still Attainable?

is the AMERICAN DREAM still attainable? incredulous eagle says YES HOUSING THE MOST COMMON REASON CITED WAS THE DESIRE TO LIVE IN A NEW OR BETTER HOME OR APARTMENT. 10% 44% 4 OTHER TOP 4 REASONS WHY PEOPLE MOVE A NEW JOB OR EMPLOYMENT JOB TRANSFER WAS THE MOST COMMON 16% REASON. FAMILY 30% SOME PEOPLE ARE RELOCATING TO LESS EXPENSIVE, MORE INLAND LOCATIONS. CNBC TOP CITIES TO RELOCATE TO: TOP CITIES FOR FAMILIES: 1 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2 Buffalo, New York 3 Omaha, Nebraska 4 Fort Worth, Texas 5 Austin, Texas 6 Des Moines, lowa 7 Madison, Wisconsin 8 Minneapolis, Minnesota 9 Denver, Colorado 10 Indianapolis, Indiana 1 Washington, DC 2 Austin, Texas 3 Boston, Massachusetts 4 St. Paul, Minnesota 5 Des Moines, lowa 6 Madison, Wisconsin 7 Honolulu, Hawaii 8 Omaha, Nebraska 9 Seattle, Washington 10 Louisville, Kentucky Currently, the fastest U.S. growth is occur- ring in the Mountain West, which includes Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. Honolulu, Hawaii Cities_to_Relocate_to_in_America?slide=2 HOMEBUILDING IS GOOD FOR THE ECONOMY "The kick from housing..been enormously important in recent years," as those numbers make emphatically clear, but the actual effect has been far greater since that $1.27 of additional economic thrust doesn't ADDITIONAL ECONOMIC ACTIVITY GENERATED BY EVERY DOLLAR SPENT: $1.37 - MANUFACTURING $1.27 - RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION $0.81 - CONTRIBUTION OF HEALTH CARE $0.57 - RETAIL $0.53 - FINANCE include the hardly inconsequential economic stimulus of remodeling or mortgage-equity withdrawal. THREE PATHS TO CHOOSE FROM WHEN FINDING THE RIGHT PLACE TO LIVE... JIMMY MCMILLAN IS RIGHT. BUILD BUY RENT MAY BE BEST VALUE A NEW HOME AN EXISTING HOME A HOME PRO - MORE FOR YOUR MONEY CON - I LIKE IT, BUT... CON - NO APPRECIATION No chance of appreciating value advantage Unless there is a high rate of foreclosures, homeowners can often get more for their money when building a home. Buyers often find a house they like, but don't like the area, or vice versa. PRO - NO MAINTENANCE COSTS CON - MAY NOT BE AS SAFE Not built with the current building and safety codes Landlords are responsible for handling broken appliances, plumbing, wear, etc. PRO - PICK WHERE YOU WANT TO LIVE You are more likely to be able to choose the location you want for the house you want. CON - NO CONTROL OVER SITUATION Your health, welfare, and safety may be in the hands of your landlord PRO - LOCATION ALREADY DEVELOPED It is usually easier to find locations in more developed PRO - ENERGY EFFICIENCY You have the opportunity to use the most current methods and technology for energy conservation areas, PRO - ESTABLISTED VEGETATION Usually More Mature Vegetation and Larger Trees PRO - NO PROPERTY TAXES Tenant is not required to pay property taxes PRO - CURRENT BUILDING STANDARDS Built with the current building and safety codes - no risk of having unsafe materials such as lead and asbestos, which were used for building some older houses CON - MORE MAINTENANCE ISSUES Appliances age and as they age they start to fail. You may find yourself replacing a furnace or a dishwasher sooner than if it was a newer home. There may also be electrical issues, lead paint, a leaky roof, or a termite damage. CON - NO EQUITY Money that a tenant pays in rent is gone forever. When a person has a mortgage, some of the money paid goes into equity. PRO - LESS LIKELY TO NEED REPAIRS CON - CHANCE OF RENT INCREASE Less likely to need repairs throughout ownership and often comes with Warranties! Such as: Heating & Cooling, Roof, Appliances, Flooring, Windows, Building, ETC! CON - NEGOTIATE FOR THE BEST DEAL After the term of the lease ends, landlords often increase Need to find a real-estate agent who knows how to negotiate properly - Often faulty wiring and plumbing that needs to be redone, which can sometimes be the rent knowing that tenants will choose to pay the higher rent rather than paying moving expenses. PRO - GET JUST WHAT YOU WANT Can design a house to specifically fulfill needs. Budget is the only limitation. CON - RESTRICTIONS Landlords can impose restrictions on tenants, such as whether or not they can own pets negotiated into the selling contract. TAYLOR HOMES Tailored estate/buy_rent/index.htm benefits-building-own-home.html pros-cons-renting-home.html developed by: for Life

Is The American Dream Still Attainable?

shared by NowSourcing on Nov 16
More and more it seems that the American Dream is becoming more of a fantasy. With the economy and housing market still down in the dumps, families are moving inland so they can afford to live. The fo...



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