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Will google continue changing our lives?

Google TM Google is set to be the single most influential company in history. They offer the key to all that is knowable on the internet. Now the company is pioneering technologies that will change the way we interact with the world, and maybe even our bodies too. .And they're making a lot of money doing it. Radical life extension Clean Energy Google's mysterious Calico project places Genetech chairman, Art Levinson in charge Through its venture Wing and Non-profit Wing, Google is helping to bring down the cost of new sources of renewable energy, including solar, wind and geothermal of a venture which could lead to radical breakthroughs in life extension Connecting Things Driverless Cars Google began allowing developers to connect anything and everything to an Android Smartphone: Stereos, TV, exercise machines, lights, thermostats, et cetera Google's made its largest ever investment of $258 million in Uber. The taxi hailing service has raised a few eyebrows. Especially after Uber announced plans to purchase 2500 driverless cars from Google Google Loon uses high altitude balloons to provide service to rural areas around the globe Google Fiber will deliver speeds of up to 1000mbps Google White Space will take advantage of unused television frequencies to deliver wifi GOOGLE ACHIEVEMENTS / TIMELINE: October, 2000 - Google AdWords launches with 350 March, 2003 - Announces launch of Google AdSense 03 00 customers September, 1997 - is registered - Google Toolbar as a domain 1997 February, 2001 - First acquisition ( - Google images launches offering 98 December, 1998 PC Magazine: 01 access to 240 million images "search engine of choice" April 2004 - Gmail launches, boasts over 425 October, 2006 - Acquires YouTube March, 2008 - Acquires digital marketing company DoubleClick 04 06 08 million users develop technologies to address global challenges You Tube Chrome launches currently boasts over 750 million users March, 2003 - Announces launch of Google AdSense February 2005 Acquires Android May, 2007 Google Street View debuts, available in 03 05 07 over 50 countries May, 2011 - Google announces the first Chromebooks from partners Samsung May, 2012 - Google autonomous car licensed 11 to operate in Nevada and Acer Acquires Motorola Mobility - Google+ social network released 12 April, 2012 Google Glass unveiled Google Drive launches 10 May, 2010 - Acquires AdMob June, 2012 Introduces Google Now, to compete with Apple's Siri January, 2013 Invests $200 million in Texas wind farm September, 2013 Android passes 1 billion device activations 13 August, 2013 Acquires Waze for $1.1B September, 2013 Announces Calico, a healthcare/ biotech company focusing on aging and health treatments Revenue Timeline: $0.08B 2001 $50.1B 2012 $10.6B 2006 $37.9B $21.7B 2011 2008 Stock Timeline: VALUE $1000 $500 $100 TIME Powered by eToro, the world's largest eToro social investment network Your Social Investment Network Past performance is not an indication of future results. Also, leveraged products can carry a high degree of risk. This content is for information and educational purposes only and should not be considered investment advice nor portfolio management. Sources: e_s_uber_investment_autonomous_cars_and_smartphone_taxes_a re_a_game.html c-approval-29288544/ Future Tech_10 Coolest_Google_R D_Projects?page=1#slideshow -for-machine-translation-a-921646.html IPO $85 Share split 2013 006S sasseduns 2014 Possible high of $1175 or $810 low

Will google continue changing our lives?

shared by JohnPaolozzi on Dec 18
With Google stock prices climbing well over the $1,000 mark in the past year, and many new amazing innovations in store for the near future, it’s time to learn a few facts about this truly one-of-a-...


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