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Recent Over the Top Valuations Explored

RECENT OVER-THE-TOP VALUATIONS EXPLORED Is There a Tech Bubble? Are we in a time when investors are buying users rather than revenue? Many speculators are forecasting another online tech bubble in the works due to companies being valued far beyond their revenue streams. Here's a look at some of the most recent tech valuations that could be cause for concern. facebook. 2004 skype Facebook is founded. delicious 2006 Facebook turns down 2002 2003 $1 BILLION buyout from Yahoo. Delicious is founded. Skype is founded. Revenues are estimated at less than $100 MILLION. 2004 2004 2007 Delicious reaches 300,000 users. Skype generates Microsoft buys a 1.6% $7 MILLION stake of Facebook for in yearly revenue. 2005 $240 MILLION. Yahoo buys Delicious for This transaction values 2005 a price estimated between $15-$30 MILLION the company at $15 BILLION. Ebay buys Skype for despite the company's lack of revenue. Revenue stays between $2.6 BILLION, $100-$150 MILLION. more than 370X yearly earnings. 2006 2007 2009 Yahoo does not monetize Delicious for the next 4 years. Revenue reaches about Skype's revenue falls far $700-$800 MILLION. below eBay's projections. 2010 Ebay takes a 2010 $1.4 BILLION Yahoo decides they cannot monetize Delicious. Facebook announces that it WRITE-DOWN on the investment. has reached 500 million users. Yahoo announces plans to retire Delicious as a "bad fit" Revenues reach about $2 BILLION. with their brand. 2009 Ebay SELLS 70% interest in 2011 2011 the program to various investors Former YouTube founders Facebook valuations reach to recoup some of its investment. Chad Hurley and Steve Chen $75 BILLION, making buy Delicious from Yahoo. the social network more 2010 valuable than Disney. CURRENT STATUS: Forecasts for 2012 predict Skype's yearly revenue reaches the company will go public $860 MILLION and is home ANNUAL REVENUE: $0.00 RECENT VALUATION: $15-30 MILLION BUBBLE: coX REVENUE at around $100 BILLION, or 50x yearly earnings. to 170 million active users. 2011 CURRENT STATUS: ANNUAL REVENUE: $2 BILLION RECENT VALUATION: $75 BILLION BUBBLE: 37.5X REVENUE Microsoft buys Skype for $8.5 BILLION, Linked in nearly 10X yearly earnings. CURRENT STATUS: COLOR" ANNUAL REVENUE: $860 MILLION RECENT VALUATION: $8.5 BILLION 2003 BUBBLE: 9.8X REVENUE Linkedin launches. Sequoia Capital invests $4.7 million 2010 GROUPON in Series A funding. Color Labs is founded. Color spends $350,000 2004 on its domain name 2008 Greylock invests $10 million 2011 Groupon raises in Series B funding. $4.8 MILLION Color announces that it in Series A funding and is launched in November. has raised $41,000,000 Linkedin reaches 1.6 million users. in its first round of funding from Sequoia Capital, Bain Capital, and Silicon Valley Bank. 2009 2005 In March, Color Labs releases Groupon is made Linkedin launches its first the first version of its App. available to 26 cities. premium service: Linkedin jobs. The app is free, and no revenue They raise another streams have yet been reported. $30 MILLION in Series B funding. 2007 CURRENT STATUS: Linkedin raises ANNUAL REVENUE: $0.00 2010 $12.8 million in Series C RECENT VALUATION: $41 MILLION BUBBLE: CO X REVENUE funding from Bessemer & European Groupon raises Founders Fund. $135 MILLION in Series C funding. 2008 twitter The investment pegs the company's value at Linkedin raises $53 million in Series D funding from $1.3 BILLION. 2006 Bain Capital Ventures. Groupon's revenue hits about $760 MILLION. Linkedin raises $22.7 million Twitter is founded. in Series E funding from Goldman The company turns Sachs, Bessemer, The McGraw-Hill down a $6 BILLION 2010 Companies, and SAP Ventures. buyout offer from Google. Company revenues stay The company is valued at around $45 MILLION. 2011 $1 Billion. Twitter raises $200 MILLION Groupon raises 2011 from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. $950 MILLION Company valuation shoots in Series D funding. Linkedin goes public. to $3.7 BILLION, or more The investment pegs than 80X yearly revenue. Three days after the IPO, the company's value at stock prices skyrocket to $4.75 BILLION. $100/share. 2011 Groupon prepares for an IPO of Profit remains at SharePost reports that as much as $25 BILLION, $1 billion more than Google's $12 million/year. Twitter shares are trading at $34.50/share. IPO in 2004. CURRENT STATUS: CURRENT STATUS: CURRENT STATUS: ANNUAL REVENUE: $200 MILLION ANNUAL REVENUE: $150 MILLION ANNUAL REVENUE: $760 MILLION RECENT VALUATION: $25 BILLION BUBBLE: 32.8X REVENUE RECENT VALUATION: $9 BILLION RECENT VALUATION: $7.7 BILLION BUBBLE: 50X REVENUE BUBBLE: 45X REVENUE G+ SOURCESI gplus.c YAHOO NEWS I TECHCRUNCH | FAST COMPANY | ALLTHINGSD I FORBES | MSNDC | SKYPE | TECHFRUIT I MASHABLE | WEALTHVEST I BUSINESSINSIDER | GIGAOM WSJ I CNET | LINKED I KISSMETRICS | THE ATLANTIC I

Recent Over the Top Valuations Explored

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In this infographic they provide information for the history of various social media and internet companies such as Twitter, Facebook and Skype. They also show the yearly revenue and the investor valu...


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