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Myths About Cloud Computing

marco. CLOUD COMPUTING THE CLOUD is a metaphor for the internet that was bom from diagrams depicting the intermet as a doud. These diagrams have been in use since long before the term "cloud" evolved. WHAT IS THE CLOUD? CLOUD COMPUTING is the overarching ability for the user to access data, applications and services remotely, using the internet. Data stored in the cloud is MYTH NOT SECURE. The doud is EXPENSIVE. MYTH Information in the cloud is FACT MORE SECURE. The cost of being in the cloud is entirely FACT UP TO YOU. Almost all cloud services are With enterprise grade security systems and entire teams of people dedicated to security, there's hardly a better place for your data than in the cloud. SCALABLE, meaning you only pay for what you use. Further, there are tons of great free cloud services out there too! (Dropbox, Google Drive, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) MYTH Your IT staff will LOSE their JOBS. The cloud was NEVER MEANT TO REPLACE PEOPLE. The cloud is a tool and a resource. When coupled with skilled IT staff, your business will blossom. So equip your IT staff with the cloud and watch your business grow. FACT There is MYTH LESS CONTROL in the cloud and changes ARE DIFFICULT. MYTH FACT The opposite is actually the truth here. The cloud, by definition, is scalable and flexible. In many cases, deploying a cloud infrastructure is much MORE FLEXIBLE THAN A STATIC, IN-HOUSE SERVER. The cloud is ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL. FACT There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all in the cloud. SCALABILITY & OPTIONS are what make the cloud so great! From Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud to Software, Platform or Infrastructure as a Service, YOUR OPTIONS ARE LIMITLESS! MYTH Cloud computing is a FAD. FACT The term "cloud computing" is relatively new, but the concept has been around since the 60's! THERE IS SO MUCH INFRASTRUCTURE, MONEY AND INTERESTINVESTED IN DEVELOPING THE CLOUD THAT IT WON'T BE GOING AWAY ANYTIME SOON. MYTH UNRELIABLE. The cloud is * FACT Cloud Service Providers experience outages from time-to-time... but so does everything else. Nothing is exempt from power failures or internet down-time. What makes the cloud better is how easy it is to SET UP BACKUPS & REDUNDANCIES for your infrastructure, which means that DOWNTIMES ARE SHORTER AND LESS FREQUENT. SOURCES nrip:/www.washingtonpostcom/opinlonsve-myns-about-me-doud/2014/01/03/ddszEC52-7191-1le-503r-o1666705a30_IRry.nem MARCO TECHNOLOGYBLOGS For more mformation about me cioud checkout Marcot bogr ob np:/'al-cioud-alogs marco. MARCONETCIN TERMS IF BE YOU CAM HE THHINFIIRAPHIE A LONS AS YOU PRIVIDE A CREDIT LINK TOMARCO.

Myths About Cloud Computing

shared by MarcoTechnology on Jul 03
The second in our Cloud series; we identify several facts and debunk myths about cloud computing. Such as: not secure, too expensive, IT staff losing jobs, less control, more difficult to work, not s...




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