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What is the Cloud?

Reach New Heights with the Cloud What is the cloud? Dne Extrabyte stored in the The estimațed amount of data The cloud is a physical collection of. interconnected servers that are easily accessible to a user through a network. It's changing the way businesses run. In the simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer's hard drive. cloud 94% 80% of.CIOS use the cloud for af leasf one form of infrastrycture Scale Up Before, you had tọ buy equipment, but with the cloud, you only pay for what'you use. So scaling up and down is easy! Users who move their applications to the cloud annually save Scale Bown The percentage of businesses that saw a reduction in IT costs after switching to the cloud,25% Cloud computing levels the playing field. It gives SME's access to technologies that are normally out of reach and helps take these businesses to the next level. 55% Cloud allows work to be accessed anywhére and on multiple devices, increasing. employee's overall productivity. The cloud can save business's expenses on A majoritý of business cíte The percent of companies that increase data efficiency and utilization upon moving to the cloud TA everything from applications to personnel. security as the number one reason for transitioning to the cloude Producțive Affordaile Secure What's in the Cloud?. The cloud comes with a'wide range of features that makes running a business more advanced and efficieni. 90% of companies reported energy savings after switching Löts of apps like Microsoft Officeare available at a much lower cost with the cloud Đata is stored for less and is safe from natural disaster and hardware failure. Email and . inter-office messaging, are hosted on the cloud for easy access and to prevent disastėr. Percent of companies that trust sensitive or confidential information to the cloud. Аppb Data Messages 82% The number of physical cloud servers on the planet.. Where's the Cloiud? 50 million Many people envision the cloud as.a maģical "entity floating in space. However, the cloud is actually located in data centers all over the world.- Data stored in the cloud doesn't úse, any of your storage space. Local computers no longer have to do all the heavy lifting. The power density of a data center is 100 times more than that of a large office building and is equivalent to 9 shopping malls. Stratosphere Networks services, you gain' the benefit of the ultimate anywhere with no hardware required and • the With cloud conveníience-working from flexibility of tailoring your technology to your specific needs. By taking advantage of cloud services, you instantly receive everything you 'need without the unexpected. costs prolonged installation wait times. or * Enabling your company to keep up with the complex technology upgrades your industry demands, the Stratosphere feam will consült you on the broad array of cloud services and solutions. To speak * with a représentative, call 877-599-3999 or email [email protected]. Sources: ComȚIA and ComputerWorld Stratosphere Networks, a leading IT managed service provider and BBB Accredited Business, has been recognized as hiredMyway's #1 technology company, a Channel Partners 360°Award winner, CRN Fast Growth 150, and MSPmentor's Top 501 Global Managed and Cloud Providers. We offer our clients a wide range of managed services including Virtual CIO and Consulting, Cloud solutions, proactive monitoring, business continuity, backup and disaster recovery, email, spam, antivirus, desktop and server support, router/firewall management, virtualization, remote and on-site service, and more. Our team of IT experts works collaboratively leveraging our unparalleled $2.5 Million Network Operations Center to provide world class service. STRATOSPHERE NETWORKS [email protected] | 877.599.3999 |

What is the Cloud?

shared by stratospherenetworks on Jul 14
The cloud is one of those technology buzzwords being used everywhere. But what exactly is it? Stratosphere Networks are expert in cloud solutions and can answer that exact question. In this infographi...


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