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How to Use PPC Landing Pages

HOW TO USE PPC LANDING PAGES THE WRONG WAY THE RIGHT WAY Homepage/registration/cart pages do this: Promotion specific landing pages do this: Lower Quality Score Higher Quality Score Higher Ad Rank Lower Ad Rank Higher Bounce Rate Lower Bounce Rate Lower Conversion Rate Higher Conversion Rate FOR HIGHER CONVERSIONS & LOWER COST-PER-CLICK Competitor's PPC Ad Rebound traffic will visit your competition instead 80% of PPC traffic goes to Use a targeted Your PPC Ad Here an existing website page (usually the homepage). You are paying for this ad make the most of clicks landing page for each ad group for higher QS and conversion. This can cause poor message match & wandering funnel paths resulting in low conversion. Competitor Ad Here This is the paid ad content to seduce the user to click Competitor Ad This is the paid ad content to seduce the user to click 2 Rebound 5 Traffic :( 3 CTA SIGN UP BUY A click-through page warms visitors up - ready for the sale. Measurement Woes Your website presents infinite conversion paths - rendering it impossible to isolate the determining conversion factors. BUY SIGN UP SUCCESS CONFIRMATION PAGE This is your point Lead Capture of conversion and Move directly the start of your to the post-conversion confirmation marketing strategy. page Poor message match from unfocused or content sparse pages lowers the quality score and ad rank. This requires you to pay a higher cost-per-click. Strong message match from the landing page gives you a high quality score, lower cost-per-click 1 and a better ad rank. Your homepage has too many interaction points. This increases the bounce rate and leads people The focus and simplicity of your landing page greets your visitors with confidence, reducing bounce rate and increasing engagement. 2 2 to wander off your conversion funnel path. Shopping carts are too much of a hard sell. Buyers need some seduction before they will commit to the purchase. Click-through landing pages are used to extend your ad message, providing the info required to conversion decision. They are passed on to the cart or registration page only after they have expressed final interest in the product/service. 3 3 make Registration pages are usually dry with sparse information. An interstitial click-through page would prepare them for the conversion goal. Lead generation landing pages swap a giveaway (ebook, whitepaper, webinar) in exchange for personal details. The whole page is designed with this in mind vs, a homepage that may only REBOUND TRAFFIC: The result of 2, 3 and 4 is to drive prospects to the back button which places them in comparison shopping mode back on the results page. Driving your visitors to your competitor's ads can't be good for business. designate a small portion of the sidebar. CONVERSION Utilize your confirmation page to extend your success. Post-conversion marketing involves guiding your new customer to immerse themselves deeper in your sphere of influence. Ask them to follow you on Twitter/Facebook, download a free (branded) resource, opt-in to a newsletter or visit another relevant page. unbrunce THE DIY LANDING PAGE PLATFORM EXISTING WEB PAGE romotion specific standalone LANDING PAGE

How to Use PPC Landing Pages

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This infographic provides a list which gives the do's and don't of using and creating PPC landing pages. It also provides a list of tips to use when using a landing page in order to receive a high qua...




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