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How to Shop Safely Online This Holiday Season

Last year 76% of Americans bought gifts online. This year the number will increase to 92% And while mobile users are getting in on the online shopping action... .. only 1 in 5 feel completely comfortable shopping on a smartphone or tablet. But just because you feel safe, doesn't mean you are safe... Actually--he was engaged in a form of electronic commerce Whoa- what happened to Kevin? No idea... I'm just chillin' here. whereby goods are purchased over a global system of computer networks, and... What Gary's trying to say is that Kevin fell for one of those carrot- enhancement emails AGAIN. Now his phone's fried and so's his identity. Of 2316 online shoppers surveyed, the following percentages reported problems with: 50.3% phishing ***** 45.6% virus, worm, spyware or other malware ***** fraudulent use of credit card, 13.9% debit card or Paypal account Take a peek at online shopping threats defined: Phishing A criminal activity using Worms A program that replicates itself over a computer social engineering network and usually performs malicious actions, such as using up the techniques. Phishers attempt Virus to fraudulently acquire sensitive information, such as A Virus is a computer computer's resources and program which distributes copies of itself, even without passwords and credit card possibly shutting the system down. The name is an details, by masquerading as a trustworthy person or permission or knowledge of the user. Though the term is commonly used to refer acronym for "write once, read many." A recent business in an electronic communication. Phishing is example of a worm is the to a range of malware, a true Sasser worm (or typically carried out using email or instant messaging. virus must do these two W32.Sasser.A and its things: self replicate and variants) that affected millions of corporate and execute itself. private computer systems. Earlier in 2004, the Netsky worm (or W32/Netsky) spread by mass email using Spyware Spyware is any application that makes potentially unwanted changes to your computer while collecting information about your computer activities. This addresses obtained from an Credit Card infected computer. It also spreads via local networks by trying to copy itself to shared folders on drives C: to Z: Fraud information may then be sent When credit card fraud to a third party for malicious purposes, without your occurs, a merchant (business, service provider, seller, etc.) is tricked into releasing merchandise or rendering services, believing that a knowledge or consent. Spyware arrives bundled with freeware or shareware, Malware Software designed to infiltrate or damage a through email or instant credit card account will messenger, as an ActiveX installation, or by someone provide payment. The computer system without the merchant later learns that owner's informed consent. with access to your they will not be paid, or that Also known as malicious computer. Unlike traditional the payment they received will be reclaimed by the software. personalization or session cookies, spyware is difficult to detect, and difficult (if not impossible) for the average card's issuing bank. A fraudulent or stolen credit ard is charged for the user to remove without the purchase. Today, half of all credit card fraud is use of a top-quality anti-spyware program. conducted online using spyware. If you're shopping online, then online security is a must. Check out these resources that will protect you and your family when shopping online during the holidays and all year long: Find out if you are fully protected for online shopping. seasons greatings from your friends at Download our free trial and scan your PC for free. WEBROOT Learn the latest tips for staying safe online from iKeepSafe. Looking for mobile protection? Check out our Android and iPhone security apps. Have some fun at your upcoming holiday parties, download our free sobriety test app.

How to Shop Safely Online This Holiday Season

shared by FireRocket on Dec 23
In honor of Black Fridays, Cyber Mondays and all of the fantastic sales days in between, we’re sharing our holiday shopping infographic, highlighting the latest stats in online gift buying. And reme...


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