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Goodbye MSN and Hotmail! Welcome Skype and Outlook!

Goodbye MSN and Hotmail! Welcome Skype and Outlook! MSN Messenger and MSN Hotmail at the beginning 1) MSN Messenger became the no. 1 instant messaging ser vice in Spain, Australia, United + 201 unique visitors to Kingdom, France and Japan MSN services on 2000 00000O000 Nearly 8 million MSN Hotmail users were already using MSN Hotmail in Spanish MSN Hotmail grew tenfold since Microsoft had acquired the service in 1997 1999-2005: MSN Messenger Top Features Omsn Messenger • Text chat and contact lists • Banner and customiz ation facility • File transfer between PCs • Voice communication & voice Jeff Ele Vew Iools Help Cal OanSalad Srantheactual c0) V MSN Today My Space O Coworke Page MSN Messenger Service 1/1) O efOLoentieri MedanalLE. riends (o/ a other Contacts (14/9) Send Mka (Onine) A 3new e-malmessages alerts A2ne s Currently Online O cabra loca del mama detnr (Aay) Imest.xour Add 3 DHyperbyte. Hanging on the • Installed by default on Windows XP • Emoticons, improved text, avatars messages E Contacts Not Online Amy 2 seff anSalad Santhe Marshaloood basketbal season Mchael (Aay ... 484DHEX OHtoble) ben oble) 3 had oble) S had osble and bg images George Add Jack ontact Mary 9 Tom Search- MSN Messenger Interface 2005 msn Messenger net msn Messenger Service MSN Messenger interface on 1999 1997-2005: Top MSN Hotmail Features mail Ope In-Box O WebCourier Jd 21 22 WebCouner Jaa 25 4 22 • Started offering 2 MB storage limit · Antivirus scanning for attachments sages, 14 Tede OHl WehCourier 421 J4 22 14 mes ne wwge hotmail Integrated calendar · Added rules and spell checking Den 422 Jd 22 OMeda Ramira OSteehait Mer DAdrten Whi Omal WebConer 4 22 OHmal WehCo 23 ddesses OGn Gele Chiders WetCouner 424 • Search & Web Messenger 425 OHal WebCor 425 OHmal WehCo 4 27 OSelect all diployed meager Move Checked MMesse Uen cheditens to dete Seuch you nasnges fore MSN Hotmail Interface on 2005 MSN Hotmail Interface on 1997 Windows Live Messenger and Hotmail at its peak 37% 49% MSN Messenger 37% of the American vs. 49% of the European renamed as Windows online population used this IM in 2009 Live Messenger 64% 2012 The highest usage rate in 2009 is found in Latam: 64% Hotmail has more than In Europe there are more 324 million unique users than 108.2 million Hotmail in 2012 users in 2012 Skype becomes the MSN Messenger • Manage and contact all your friends from Skype • High quality phone and video calls • Screen share skype • Group chats • Tablet and smartphone friendly How to change to Skype Download and install Skype for your computer from Skype official page. Messenger will uninstall automatically 2 Click on the option "Microsoft account" option on the right side Skype Herramientas Ayuda skype Nombre de usuario Tambien puedes iniciar sesión con: H Una cuenta de Microsoft Un nta de Meng H Contrasena do puedes inoar seson? f Facebook Vnsenatumatcamete Iniciar sesión o Crear una ccuenta 3 Log in with your username and password as usual for your Messenger account Skype Herramientas Ayuda Iniciar sesión Cuenta Microsoft Qué es esto? [email protected] Contraseña Iniciar sesión No puedes acceder a tu cuenta? ¿No dispones de una cuenta Microsoft? Registrate ahora Privacidad y cookies| Términos + Iniciar sesión con otra cuenta V Iricar sesión automáticamente Now, you will have the option to merge your Messenger contacts and your Skype contacts or you can create a new Skype account with only Messenger contacts. Skype Herramientas Ayuda skype ¡Te damos la bienvenida! Comienza a usarlo con tu cuenta de 88K Microsoft as cado sesdn con la cuenta de ereset jian atio eyaede Carbar 2Ya usas Skype? Fusonatuenta de Seactu parscederatvedto dos t contatos euno ur. Eres nuevo en Skype? te danu labienvendal Unete. Eroo y f Tengo una cuenta de Skype Soy nuevo en Skype You have the last confirmation to finish the procedure. After that, you can continue to chat with your friends! Skype Herramientas Ayuda skype Un último paso: fusiona tus cuentas A part de ah, uaenta de Muot uan pablo uyanedelpra noar ten en ype Continuar Cancelar y cambiar cuenta Hotmail replaced by • Visually it has the Microsoft's Metro interface • No adverts in the conversation windows • Private emails won't be used for advertisers 0Outlook • Social media integration + Skype (in the future) • Microsoft's spam filter How to change to Outlook Nothing will change if you have a or It's like an update of the program. You have to go to Options Menu and click on Upgrade to Outlook a Arturo Lopez" perfil | cerrar sesión Mover a Categorías Opciones Configuración del panel de lectura Una forma mejor de estar en contacto con las per Desactivado A la derecha Buscar correo electrónico bing Inferior s Grupos | Boletines Todo lo demás « Or Actualiza a Outlook le estado de entrega (Error) Más opciones. novedades de Outlook de semana! 04:29 a.m. Actualiza ahora, es gratis » You will have a new interface design. And new features such as connecting to your social networks accounts, Facebook and Twitter, and receive all the updates in your email. Outlook Nuevo Buscar en correo e P O Ver: Todos v Organizar por v Carpetas O Arturo Lopez 10:14 Mis fabulosas vacaciones Entrada 8 Correo no deseado Marcados 1 | Ocultar O Windows Borradores 1 10:13 Presentamos Windows 8 Enviados O María Jesús Cuesta, Nuria G... Propuesta de presupues... (2) OS 10:07 Eliminados You will have a better system to control spam and new filters for your message. contains effective tools, such as Clean and Schedule cleaning, automatically eliminating clutter your inbox. erv Eliminar Correo no deseado |v Limpiar v Categori Mover a v O Ver: Todos v Mover todo de. Oea Eliminar todo de.. Half O Cecilia Cornejo Cecilia Cornejo quiere ser tu amig Programar limpieza Nuria Gonzalez Administrar reglas Oleaje fuerte en la bahía Half Moon a las O Arturo Lopez 10:20 Mira Arturo Lopez quiere ser tu amigo en Windows... O El equipo de Hotmail Toma 10:19 Sources 100pr.aspx

Goodbye MSN and Hotmail! Welcome Skype and Outlook!

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MSN Messenger and MSN Hotmail at the beginning and its features. Windows Live Messenger and Hotmail at its peak, Skype becomes the MSN Messenger. Hotmail replaced by




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