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Fanboys: A Field Guide

Fanboys: A Field Guide PCWorld APPLE FANBOY PC FANBOY LINUX FANBOY BLACKBERRY XBOX 360 FANBOY ANDROID FANBOY PS3 FANBOY D&D FANBOY FANBOY #1 "Hands off my hard drive!" "What's your BBM PIN?" "That's hard-core!""We have apps too" "We're technically superior" "I'm attacking the darkness!" "It just works!" "I'm a PC!" WHAT RU WEARING nothing ME NEITHER prove i Sexting Multitasking Ninjas with breasts Brushed metal Beige plastic Terminal interface Chainsaw swords Chain mail XBOX Xbox 360 fanboys AT&T Zune Microsoft iPhones PS3 Multitouch Jack Chick meh. | RIIUI EPIC FAIL magical. kewl pwned ROOTED nerf "magical" "cool" "meh" "freemium" "pwned" "rooted" "epic fail" "nert" PAVE MGMT Coldplay ANB "Back in Black" Dark Side of the Moon Dave Matthews "Autobahn" Coldplay mix! Linkin Park DJ Dangermouse Band (Kraftwerk) (AC/DC) MGMT Jobs Ballmer Neal Stephenson Timothy Geithner The Master Chief Sergey Brin Solid Snake Gandalf VX Istatus: eeeeee No-texting-while- driving laws Xbox Live "Loading. please wait." Pleated pants Pretty things Software licenses downtime 4x4 widgets Jocks APPLE FANBOY PC BLACKBERRY XBOX 360 FANBOY LINUX ANDROID PS3 FANBOY D&D FANBOY FANBOY FANBOY FANBOY FANBOY PIRATES of SILICON VALLEY Pirates of Silicon Valley Windows 7 Party Planner Video Monty Python & the Holy Grail Starship Troopers Blade Runner Entire "sword & sandal" genre Wall Street Spider-Man scrubs STAR TREK "You're fired." World's Most Aqua Teen Hunger Force Xena: Warrior Princess Star Trek Dangerous Police Chases Battlestar Scrubs (the original series) Big Bang Theory The Apprentice Galactica Mini Cooper Ford Explorer Segway Lexus (leased) Land Rover Toyota Prius Nissan 370z Schwinn 10-speed Black turtleneck Hoodies under blazers Ankle-length trenchcoat (Gap) Dockers Penguin T-shirt Power jeans Google I/0 free tee American Apparel MA Pentium "Bunny People" dolls Dwight Schrute bobblehead Jack Welch minibust Perfectly hand- Halo action figures Android trashcan Sexy anime posters painted minatures Apple IIe fishtank DUNKIN DONUTS Mount Shark blood Tap water, filtered (with lemon peel) Double-tall, no-foam, no-whip, triple-shot mocha Dunkin' Donuts Skinny latte coffee Rockstar Red Bull Mountain Dew NO APP $500 More Seinfeld/ Gates ads Not enough Android apps PS4 = $500 Beach ball iTunes for Linux "No new messages" Red ring of death Nature LINUX FANBOY BLACKBERRY XBOX 360 FANBOY ANDROID APPLE FANBOY PC FANBOY PS3 D&D FANBOY FANBOY FANBOY FANBOY PCWorld CUBICLE BEVERAGE DEEP FEAR PSYCH-UP TV SHOW RIDE CLOTHING TURN-OFF MOVIE TURN-ON RAw NERVE CHAMPION SLANG MANTRA CLOTHING DEEP FEAR BEVERAGE TV SHOW RIDE NO-NUNI MOVIE CHAMPION TURN-OFF MANTRA SLANG RAW NERVE

Fanboys: A Field Guide

shared by rmmojado on Jan 25
You've heard stories about them. You may even have encountered one in the wild. Or in an Internet forum, where they commonly congregate and are notorious for their savage and often ill-thought-out ver...




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