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The Evolution of the Internet

Eile Edit View Go Communicator Help Back Forward Reload Home Search 1996 2011 There was a time when people said "World Wide Web" without a hint of sarcasm. In just 15 years, the Internet has changed in ways that very few expected. Document: Done FOXsca A20'one%3E The Internet of Yesterday & Today New Pages Eile Edit View Go Co D Document: Done Mi Back Forward Reload Home Search Netscape Print Security Shop *Bookmarks Location: What's Related E WebMail Calendar E Radio 9 People E Yellow Pages E Download Customize. Ca "When I took office, only high energy physicists had ever heard of what is called the World Wide Web.Now even my cat has its own page." Coo Bill Clinton, U.S. President 1993-2001 Document: Done American Internet Users File Edit View Document: Done Back Forward Reload Home Search Netsca * Bookmarks Location: data:text/javascript,d1%20%3D%20'one%3E E WebMail N Calendar E Radio 9 People E Yellow Pages 1996 2011 20 MILLION TOTAL 245 MILLION TOTAL = 20M users = 20M users Document: Done Back Forward Reload Home Search Netsca R6% ges Average Web Usage of Americans File Edit View Go Document Done Forward Reload Bookmarks Location: data:text/javascript,d1%20%3D%20'one'%3E Back Home Search Netsca E WebMail N Calendar E Radio E People E Yellow Pages 1996 2011 1/2 HOUR PER MONTH 27 HOURS PER MONTH = 1 hour Document: Done Average Page Load Time File Eile Edit Document: Done Back Forwerd Reload Home Search Netsca Bookmarks A Location: data:text/javascript,d1%20%3D%20'one%3E E webMail Calendar E Radio E People A Yellow Pages 1996 2011 1 minute 1 minute 30 SECONDS TOTAL 6 SECONDS Document: Done Most Popular Sites File Edit View D Document: Done My Back Forward Reload Home Search Netsca "Bookmarks A Location: data:text/javascript,d1%20%3D%20'one%3E E WebMail 9 Calendar 9 Radio 9 People E Yellow Pages 1996 2011 PERCENTAGE OF INTERNET Percentage of Internet Users Reached USERS REACHED (41%) Google Sites (85.1%) (33%) Yahoo! Sites (83.2%) (31%) Microsoft Sites (80.9%) ШШШШ1 (29%) (75%) (21%) AOL, Inc. (51.5%) ШШ (18%) Amazon Sites (44.7%) ШШ Turner Digital (43.5%) (14%) ШПП (10%) Glam Media (40.1%) ШП (9%) Ask Network (39.5%) (9%) Viacom Digital (38.1%) Document: Done File Edit View Go Communicator Help New Tab Back Forward Reload Home Search Bookmarks A Location: data:text/javascript,d E webMail N Calendar E Radio E People What's Related My arch Netsca eript.d1%20%3D%20'one'%3E eople N Yellow Pages A AOL YAHOO! AOL and Yahoo! may be the butt of jokes for young people, but both are stronger than ever in the Internet's Top Document: Done New Tab ARCHIVE.ORG The Internet Archive has been attempting to archive the entire internet since 1996. 1,048,576 Gigabytes 1,024 3,277 Macbooks Petabyte Terabytes The Library of Congress, the world's largest library, has 15.3 million items publicly available online. This is puny in comparison to the Internet Archive, which contains almost 2 petabytes and is currently growing at a rate of 20 terabytes per month. Websites Then & Now Document: Done narks Location: data:text/javascript.d1%20%3D%20'one%3E OEX Radio E People E Yellow Pages New Tab File Edit View Go Communicator Help Tab Back Forward Reload Home Search Netsca UsemameCutome Forgot Pa Ca Acoun GO Daddy Dee oe D Bookmarks Location: data:text/javascript,d1%20%3D%20'one'%3E E WebMail Calendar E Radio E People E Yellow Pages Our Commercia Bots Video Blog Help & Fors Order Online or At: 1-888-566-2948 Domains Hosting Email Websites Search Engines SSL & Security Resellers Afilia GO Daddy IT'S EASY! BUILD YOUR OWN WEB SITE TODAY! Domain Search Bulk Search Products & S A web deigners to the endangered species . Wth WebSite Complete - Deluxe Edition Buat your on web st whmortee wet otrg E cualonate temptes one shopng cat onine crede ta processing vr our was event calendar and New .COMS $11.99*per year S89.95 wste in minte WebSite Complete Standard Edition maof the SMARSINES GO Computer novee Youcan have proesona s9.95 123 tniat Demans for just $1.99 COM Transfers 17.4 Save on 6 Domains Plus FREE Privacy coDomaina 114. Domains Include EREE InstantPage Earn acome wihout Customes Support Customer Support Already own a domain? Add hosting, email.and more! Raal Estata Agents: Wve got an tien just for you. Cick here! Ber web site, and you can be Which Version Is Corpite 25 Right For You? me commitmert, no start-up Company Information Dadd Price $89.95 called an afate program Kay Feture Ibe Peiie Nargng doman GoDaddy Programming sa Required W Ste Mosting Go Daddy Partners Revlew Past Artkles S-Spice Up Your Web Ste SPECIAL OFFERS Just for YOU: SAVEanatonal 15% on Hostine Ene setup. 999% tne. 247 Ssot5monet 5r she hottwny ty Temalates 2800-Why a Personal Web Ste 2R-AReeshing took at Your Web Ste Padnecat DOMAIN DEALS HOSTING Customer WEBSITES $5 "LESS THAN ages SALL US S1 Save NET S-Save 3% YOU CAN TRUST Point. Cick. Design Buding your own webste is easer than you think witn WebS Tonight As low as $399me FEATURED DOMAIN Gethe domain you ealy want .CO 0 S14. Save ses Or eoun able h generaton Web hostng plans mp hanteutn te ohare and ert 247 support As lowas Sheest Cat On Ce Ca Peng Tesl L. Seet Che Pumane Che Leam more Adain pricing Learn mor Document: Done New Tab File Edit View Go Communicator Help Tab Back Forward Reload Home Search Netsca A Bookmarks A Location: data:text/javascript,d1%20%3D%20'one%3E mapquest m E WebMail N Calendar N Radio N People E Yellow Pages OFast Track: Send To MAPQUEST SEARCH FOR (Ex 55S 17m St Denver Comore *Driving directions Plana trip- TravelPlan USA FREE Menabership Shop non Share maps & tips *Plan your ore MoreQuest Enter our contest Take aur surveY "Go To Map *Map Shortcats O-MapQuest Showcase: Advertising *MO web services Press information Clients (Enter aess or landa Petr tat Explore the world with the #1 consumer travel site!" OGet Diractions Get Map IND Ters Gol N Add your business to Mapdust Check out: • Interactive Atlas (Maps) • TripQuest (Driving directions) • TravelPlan USA (Plan a trip with Mobil Travel Guide) It's a moving experience! Find your dream home: -Browse daly MS Litings om n lo street maps Clet's Gol NOF School reports and monul Feel at home in a new neighborhood: LOCAL domation Schools AMER Get more information on: · Eree membership · MoveQuest • Shop for merchandise · Contes: • Share maps & tips · Survey San Francisco, Crme Areas and mone Make a move: click Los Angeles TEARN ABOUY ler's Gol HERE to visit MoveQuest. Learn about: • Advertising • Clients Mapping services · Press info Small classes. Personal attention. On-campus and online. wond Lore mar IHelpl LAbout) Feedback] [FAQI Wha's New] [Homel Doc Copyright 1996-97 I GeoSystems Glabal Corporation * Media Metrix C Meter). July 1997 mapqueet Document: Done New Tab inicator Help Tab File Edit View Go Communicator Help Back Forward Reload Home Search Netsca Feedback Bookmarks A Location: data:text/javascript,d1%20%3D%20'one%3E E webMail N Calendar 9 Radio N People E Yellow Pages travelocity Hello! 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Oreste Deis Depat Travel Merchandise Anyine For advance notice on great travel discounts and updates on what's new in Travelocity. subscribe to the fre monthly email newsletter Ratun mmidayy Anytme TODA Sen DASHIN WA Be 1: Travelocity is proudly presented by SABRE Interactive and Worldview Systems. Search Now ABOUT-FEEDBACK- HELP-TOUR Save 60% + Free Upge Stay Free at Villa Del See Advanced Search Optons Va del Pamar Canoun Zor NetAngels B Travel Deals from: Select Desarture On Type Description Price Document: Done Created By: Document: Done REFERENCES visited domains_1996.html

The Evolution of the Internet

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The Internet’s role in education today is integral to educating the populace, and occasionally the ubiquity of the Internet’s reach is taken for granted. So much can change in 15 years. In the wo...


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