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Men vs. Women

Men vs. O+ +O Women Women are better drivers Men make more money $45,425 Unemployment Rate 55% 30% $33,369 Male doctors are twice of men of women more likely to be sued drink/drive drink/drive 8.1% 10.3% Women 47% 38% Men Women Median Annual Income 66.2 78 Female registered nurses of men have rudely gestured at other drivers of women have rudely gestured at other drivers earn more than 5% less than their male counterparts 5% Employment Rates of Women in the millions 18.4 46% 36% 5.1 @#*$!! @#*$!! 1900 1950 2009 2018 Even though 90% of (projected) of men have verbally abused another driver of women have verbally abused another driver nurses are women 84% 77% Women in professional 26% occupations earned 26% less than their of men have crashed their vehicle male counterparts of women have crashed their vehicle 15% 22% 15% Percentage that male college/university teachers earned more of men of women Women in sales/office occupations earned 20% less than their neglect neglect hands-free than females hands-free conversations conversations male counterparts while driving while driving Violation Ratio M:F 7.1% Female civil engineers 10% 3.41:1 3.08:1 25% 9.4% Female electrical Reckless Driving Seat belt Violations engineers 3.09:1 1.75:1 Percentage that male lawyers earned more than females Female aerospace engineers DUI Speeding Women are smarter than men Women live longer than men Life Expectancy Women have been earning more bachelor's degrees than men since 1982 and they have been earning more master's degrees than men Women 79 years since 1981. Men 72 years 57% of women are obese Men are four times more likely to die during the "testosterone storm" 75% (ages 16-24) 79% 35 S5 71.2% Women get 75% of all honors degrees Women get 79% of the highest honors of men are obese Women attend Ivy League Schools more Of the 72 causes of death, only five affect women more than men - than men including breast cancer and pregnancy. Men dominate the Oscars Women have more friends online People with between 1- 100 friends People with between 100 - 1000 friends In 32 years, no women appeared as leading actresses in a film that won an da da då dd Oscar Women over 40 are rare and over 50 non-existent, but older men frequently win. da då Men: 172 friends Median Oscar-Winning Ages 3930 57 friends Men Women Women: 185 friends Women: 62 friends sources: Department for Professional Employees - Professional Women: Vital Statistics datathreads INFOGRAPHIC T-SHIRTS & MORE! DESIGNED BY KILLER INFOGRAPHICS

Men vs. Women

shared by kcatoto on Mar 24
Here's an infographic comparing men and women apart.


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