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Energy Efficiency in the Data Center

DATA CENTER ENERGY USE WORLDWIDE DATA CENTER USE IS SURGING, with streaming video, mobile data usage, and business infrastructure all using the cloud. That's a whole lot of energy pulsing through data centers across the globe, making energy efficiency a top priority for service providers. How much energy do data centers use? 30GW WORLDWIDE POWER USAGE approximately the output of 30 nuclear power plants... (that's about 1.5% of all energy use) 30 MILLION or enough TOASTERS EVERY HOUSE in Italy. to power Where does that power go? To over 1.8 zettabytes of data in data centers. Data center traffic is expected to QUADRUPLE BY 2016 2011 1.8 ZB 2016 6.6 ZB How much is 6.6 zettabytes? x 365 х 2.5 HOURS OF HD VIDEO FOR EVERYONE ON THE PLANET, EVERY DAY. It's estimated that data centers use 10-50% of their total computing power. Even at 50% utilization, that extra energy is equal to 3 MILLION WATER HEATERS DAT every year. HOW DO WE GET GREENER? ALTERNATIVE ENERGY Building data centers in areas with high potential for wind or solar power and purchasing carbon offset credits can help reduce the amount of energy drawn from the fossil-fueled grid. Solar Energy Potential Wind Energy Potential 2.19 - 2.33 3.35 - 3.48 Wind Classes 4.64 - 4.77 kWh/m2 per day 5.5 - 5.63 6.65 - 6.76 VIRTUALIZATION Using virtualization software allows each server to run multiple virtual machimes (VMs) on the same hardware, utlizing more of the available power and resources. Virtualization can 40-60% increase server CPU usage by Virtualizing 100 servers is the equivalent of: Taking 89 Cars off the Street Planting 1,569 Trees TA = 10 cars 100 trees SMARTER DESIGN Designing data centers for efficiency can result in savings for clients as well as providers. The main measurement of efficient data centers is PUE, or power usage effectiveness, measuring how well the center uses its available resources. BREAKDOWN OF 2.0 PUE The most efficient data centers have a PUE of 1- 1.5. 10% 50% 36% 04% IT LOAD POWER COOLING OTHER lighting heating CRACS telecoms switching distribution chillers network BMS condensers UPS servers cooling towers DX systems security fire suppression battery storage backups pumps generators DAT Passive Cooling Per Annum Choosing a location with high passive cooling potential allows free cooling methods to dramatically reduce chiller use. 18500 7500 6500 5500 Hours 4500 3500 2500 EFFICIENT DESIGN Some of the areas where PUE and general efficiency can be improved include: EEN Cable Management CO-GENERATION Raise Temperature Set Points PLANTS High-Efficiency Chilled Water Systems EFFICIENTEuipment Reduce Ste Pumping Water-Side ECONOMIZERS On-Site Lighting Thermal Storage Generation Air Direct Liquid Cooling Han- Air Management Direct Expansion dlers Reuse Waste Heat Systems Free Cooling Uninterruptible Power Supplies Sources GREEN HOUSE are 40% more efficient than the competition and powered by 100% renewable energy. Green House Data delivers high-availability cloud hosting and colocation services with world-class customer service. Our SSAE 16 Type Il and HIPAA compliant data centers For more information about Green House Data, including partner opportunities, visit DATA GR (1 ZB = 1 Trillion GB) 765438N- AT EE Units (PDU) Power Distribution endby Losses EEN DAY Containment Hot/Cold Aisle

Energy Efficiency in the Data Center

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This infographic details the huge amount of energy used by data centers worldwide and how they can become more energy efficient.


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