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Wonders of Wood Stoves

WONDERS OF WOOD STOVES How to heat your home efficiently THE DIRTY TRUTH ABOUT WOOD STOVES Older, uncertified wood stoves and inserts are dirty and inefficient, polluting the air in your home and community. 12 MILLION 9 MILLION 75% According to the EPA, 12 million wood stoves exist in homes today - 9 million of which are non-EPA-certified stoves. These 9 million stoves are 50% less efficient than newer models. 75% of wood stoves in homes today are less efficient than they should be. Newer model makes homes healthier and safer by reducing the amount of smoke and dust while also cutting heating costs. WOOD STOVE HEALTH CHECK If you experience any of the following situations, you should consider replacing your old wood stove: TISSUES SS You suffer from dust around the watery eyes and a stuffy nose when using the stove You smell smoke in your The amount of You constantly have to feed the You can see smoke leaving house house increases stove wood because it's rapidly burning down your chimney when using the wood stove Your stove may also be inefficient if any of the following is true: O It was made before 1995 O It has solid (non-glass) doors or vents on the front O There's no EPA label on the back BLUEPRINT OF EFFICIENCY Uncertified wood stoves and fireplace inserts can produce twice the amount of pollution as cleaner, EPA-certified devices. Here are some of the features that make a stove more efficient and safer for your home: BETTER COMBUSTION TECHNOLOGY Helps produce a hotter, slower, and more complete burn. GLASS-CERAMIC Glass-ceramic can take temperatures up to 1,400 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT, allowing for better combustion to take place to make a hotter fire. That heat is efficiently and evenly radiated from the firebox into the room. DRY WOOD If you burn wood, make sure the wood is dry or "seasoned." Wet wood can create excessive smoke, which wastes fuel. THE RIGHT WOOD Hard wood, such as ironwood, rock elm, hickory, and oak, tends to have the most energy per cord. ЕРА СERTIFICATION EMISSION RATE M HEAT OUTPUT EFFICIENCY OPEN VS. CLOSED SYSTEMS Closed fireplace inserts and stoves sealed with glass-ceramic burn fuel more efficiently and radiate heat throughout a room The EPA reviews emission rate more evenly, according to SCHOTT research. When sealed (g/hr), heat output (btu/hr), and efficiency (actual and estimated) to determine if a stove is EPA certified. with glass-ceramic, fireplaces use up to 43% LESS WOOD than a standard, open wood-burning fireplace over the same time period, yet produce up to 26% MORE HEAT per kilogram of fuel than construction-grade open fireplaces. EPA-certified stoves have a IDENTIFY YOUR EPA-CERTIFIED STOVE temporary paper label attached to the front and a permanent metal label affixed to the back or side. 5 BENEFITS OF HEATING YOUR HOME WITH AN ENERGY-EFFICIENT WOOD STOVE According to the EPA, by replacing an old wood stove with an energy-efficient new stove, you'll: 1. 2. 3. $4 50% Save money, fuel, time, and resources Use 1/3 less wood to produce Improve your energy efficiency by 50% the same heat 4. 5. ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS OF REPLACING YOUR OLD WOOD STOVE 70% • Reduce indoor and outdoor wood smoke pollution • Decrease CO2, methane, and black carbon emissions Cut creosote buildup in chimneys (reducing fire risks) Produce 70% less particle pollution indoors and out WALLET-FRIENDLY BENEFITS The average home can save the following by using a wood stove to supplement heating in the rooms most often used: Tax break: Through Dec. 31, 2013, appliances that are at least 75% efficient qualify for the biomass federal tax credit. Heating Source Approximate Annual Savings* Electricity $449 Propane $393 20-40% $350 Heating oil Natural gas $89 Zone heating via a wood stove allows families to heat more efficiently by turning down their central thermostat - saving a potential 20-40% of their fuel bill. *Find out how much you can save by using a supplemental hearth appliance to heat the rooms your family occupies most at: FOR MORE ON ENERGY EFFICIENT WOOD STOVE TECHNOLOGY VISIT: Sources:

Wonders of Wood Stoves

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How to heat your home efficiently - More than 12 million American households heat their homes with wood stoves, yet 9 million of those stoves are dirty and inefficient.


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