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Don't Let Your Wall Down

DON'T LET YOUR WALL DOWN: HOW A FIREWALL PROTECTS YOU FROM THE INSIDE OUT Internet users need a strong firewall as well as antivirus software. If you don't have a firewall, "it's basically like leaving your home with the doors unlocked and the windows open," said Michael Calce, the hacker once known as "Mafiaboy." In addition to a built-in or pre-installed firewall, protect your computer with an "after-market" firewall. ZoneAlarm Free Firewall has been downloaded 60+ million times, and the latest version can be found at: How an Internet Firewall Works Internet Firewall Home Network A virtual firewall's job is similar to a physical firewall that keeps a fire from spreading from one area to the next, but instead of fire, online attacks are kept from entering and exiting your computer. What is a firewall? External Network Internal Network It's a barrier placed between an Internet users' It controls the amount and type of traffic that can pass It filters the information coming through the Internet connection into your private network or computer system and vice versa. internal network and an external network. between the two networks. Tip: Make sure you get a 2-way firewall to stop Internet attacks at the front door and even catch thieves on their way out. Check Point provides a 2-way Internet firewall that protects your computer from inbound and outbound attacks, making you invisible to hackers. Minimum computer security consists of two parts 1 The first part is a 2-way firewall. It renders a PC invisible to hackers, preventing them from gaining access to your computer and stealing information. The second part is the antivirus software which is primarily responsible for detecting viruses that come from Trojan horses, emails, and worms. 2 Last defense: And when malware, such as spyware or bots, bypasses antivirus software and infects your PC, a 2-way firewall's "outbound" protection stops thieves from sending stolen information back to its host servers and distributing attacks or spam to your contacts. Firewall Configuration Firewalls are customizable and can add or remove filters based on several conditions. Some of these are: IP addresses Domain names 10101100101 10111010110 1010101010 A firewall can detect when a certain IP address outside the user's network is reading too many files and will block all traffic to or from that IP address. You or a company can block all access to certain domain names, or allow access only to specific domain names. Tips to Protect Yourself Online These three simple reminders will help you stay safe online, at home, at the office, or wherever you find yourself surfing the Web: 1. Stronger passwords: 2. Two-way Firewall: 3. Be wary of open Wi-Fi: wifi) While more sites force users to create Protect your computer with an "after-market" Most computers and routers are installed with stronger passwords, the strength of your password is the No. 1 problem. 2-way firewall. These are firewalls not already installed on your computer. Wi-Fi. Many hackers find even password- protected Wi-Fi very easy to crack. Z ZONEALARM SOURCES: ZONEALARM.COM, CNN.COM by Check Point*

Don't Let Your Wall Down

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Internet users need a strong firewall as well as antivirus software. In addition to a built-in or pre-installed firewall, protect your computer with an "after-market" firewall.


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