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Better Code Starts with Code Review

BETTER CODE STARTS WITH REVIEW Fight bad code, and find more bugs with code review! * GOOD CODE REVIEWS "An interesting thing happened tackle your code AND design requirements/documents when we started using code review software. Our developers, who DEFECT ORIGINS usually keep to themselves, started BAD FIXES communicating more with each other. We were afraid code review 5% would make them defensive and DOC. DEFECTS 10% territorial, but instead, they pulled CODE together as a group and started working together more often on 15% REQUIREMENTS 40% all aspects of the project." 30% - Paul Sweet Senior Manager, Autodesk DESIGN Code review practices find 99% MORE BUGS **** *******. ************ *** ****** ***** *** ***** ****** when used with more than one approach... % OF BUGS DETECTED BY METHOD 100 80 ALL %3D 40 99% 20 %24 TESTING INSPECTION STATIC AÑALYSIS CODE REVIEW SAVES MONEY Cisco has a long history of using various types of code review as part of their legendary quality control. In the largest code review case study ever (as far as we know), they deter- mined that... Cisco cut their bug costs by 50% "Code review would have saved half $$$$$$ the cost of fixing the bugs. Plus they would have found 162 additional bugs." Best Kept Secrets p. 64 IT IS 2400% CHEAPER TO FIX BUGS IN DEVELOPMENT THAN IN PRODUCTION DEVELOPMENT PRODUCTION Cost By Project Stage DEVELOPMENT = $25 QA/TESTING = $100 PRODUCTION = $1000 CODE REVIEW BY THE NUMBERS STATIC 2NALYSIS BUGS REMAINING WITH vs. WITHOUT IT CAN'T DO IT ALL... | WITHOUT IT SUPPORTS ONLY 10% OF CODING LANGUAGES WITH 463 321 180 184 DEVELOPMENT TESTING DEPLOYMENT BUT HUMAN LOGIC IS STILL IRREPLACEABLE "Recent work by Tom Gilb... continues to support earlier findings that a human being inspecting code is the most effective way to find and eliminate complex problems that originate in require- ments, design, and other noncode deliverables. Indeed, to identify deeper problems in source code, formal code inspection outranks testing in terms of defect-removal efficiency levels." -- Do You Inspect? Dr. Dobb's Nov 30, 2011 (Capers Jones and Olivier Bonsignour) Lucky for us humans... we are still needed! * SMARTBEAR

Better Code Starts with Code Review

shared by SmartBear on Mar 15
Bugs – the bane of a software developer’s existence. When not found and fixed quickly, even the most minor bugs can escalate to cause severe functionality issues for all kinds of software, not to ...




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