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2012 DZone Developer Profile

2012 DZone DEVELOPER PROFILE "All data collectod from the 2012 DZone Community Roport. DZone has over 28% 14% 650,000 12% members. • Audience Visits by Location • 28% - North America 14% - Westerm Europe 12% - South Asia DZONE CURRENTLY HAS DZONE CURRENTLY RECEIVES OVER 700 MEMBERS IN ITS MOST VALUABLE BLOGGER PROGRAM. 4M =25,000 Members MVB PAGE VIEWS PER MONTH O When asked, DZone members said they use HTML5 for mobile developing more than the other languages below. 47% of the DZone members have 6-15 years of development experience. Dev XP SVC AIR HTMLS 27% of the DZone O members have less than 5 years of development experience. REST Ajar Flash SOAP Siverlight 25% of the DZone O members have over 15 years of development experience. Nane 500 2000 Number of Respondents Apple Devices Currently make up over 60% of DZone's mobile device traffic. When asked, DZone members said they were more likely to develop for the Android platform than Java, ioS, and Windows Phone. 24% 78% 8% Java Followed by Samsung HTC and Other. 45% 43% 61% 21% Oharincudes doices whose brand coad net be idanttiad DZone members said they use Java more than any other language below. Java Javaseript PHP 81% 73% 68% 31% 27% 1 YEAR FROM NOW 39% 17% Python Groovy 28% 28% 24% 21% CURRENTLY RUNNING 2 YEARS FROM NOW Ruby Perl Scala ColdFusion 15% 13% 39% of DZone members said their infrastructure will run on the cloud in 18% 3% 2 years, while 27% say it will 1 year from now and with 17% of members infrastructure currently running on the cloud. DZone members are most interested in better understanding "Scalability" out of the topics listed below. High-Performance Computing Cloud-Optimized Development Scalability Security Architecture "Big Data" Virtualization 59% 55% 54% 53% 45% 41% 40% "2012 Developer Prafile" is an independent publication and has not been authorized, sponsored, or atherwise approved by any brands seen on this infographic excluding DZone, Inc.

2012 DZone Developer Profile

shared by kellyrdzone on Nov 27
The DZone community of over 1.5 million software developers, architects and designers is always growing and changing. The 2012 Community Infographic is an in-depth look at the DZone audience - demogra...




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