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Why Infographic Marketing

ARE YOU READY TO BENEFIT FROM INFOGRAPHIC MARKETING? LIKE YOUR COMPETITORS ALREADY ARE? YOU'VE GOT SO MANY MARKETING TOOLS TO PLAY WITH, SO HOW COULD AN INFOGRAPHIC HELP THE COMPANY? PROVEN RESULTS Increased Higher reach of your target audience Increased brand comprehension of your message awareness HOW? An infographic is a catchy, fun, and an engaging way to show complex (or simple) data and make sure it is seen and understood by your audience. 25 20 15 10 It gets the attention of people because: 25 20 15 10 Photos are catchy. On Facebook they generate 53% more likes. We are visually wired. 50% of the brain is involved in visual processing. People remember more when the message is visual... actually, about 80% of it. Opposed to only 20% when reading. We don't have time for long texts anymore. YOU KNOW WHY INFOGRAPHICS ARE SO GOOD AT CONVEYING A MESSAGE? Even busy people have time for them. Colorful visuals increase 80% Your message is the willingness to read by prioritized. OI0I OI1O AN INFOGRAPHIC IS A BREATH OF FRESH AIR IN ΑΝ NFORΜΑΤION OVERLOADED WORLD. With the help of an infographic you will grab attention & hold it for a long time. And, contrary to popular belief, infographics don`t even need statistics or graphs. No matter the content, they are just more attractive because of their unique structure and design. 1 So whatever your message is, you can say it better and to more people through an infographic.L AND EVERYONE WILL UNDERSTAND IT. LOVE IT. SHARE IT. AND REMEMBER IT. ARE YOU READY FOR INFOGRAPHIC MAGIC? O Infobrandz [email protected]

Why Infographic Marketing

shared by Infobrandz on Aug 12
Why Infographic Marketing It gets attention of people because: We are visually wired photos are catcy.


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