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Why are mugs and cups effective marketing tools?

HOORAH FOR Promotional mugs are one of the most important products in corporate branding and the promotional items industry. Their continued success is testament to the effectiveness of branded mugs and cups in terms of advertising, as well as to their continued popularity and usefulness to individuals. BRANDED MUGSO Research shows that such factors as: usability; affordability; longevity; and effectiveness and low cost in relation to advertising impressions and recall, ensure that promotional mugs remain a successful and strategic advertising solution for companies. A German study form last year, by Dima Marktforschung, revealed that over a thlrd he latest national survey carried out by the British Promotional Merchandise Association (bpma) and Sourcing Planet, reveals that promotlonal Items In general are "vltal to marketing", and bpma statistics show that mugs remain in the top-10 of the most popular promotional items. of people questloned kept promotional Items In general for an average of over two years. And longevity is a key strength of branded mugs and cups in particular, with US respondents to the ASI study revealing they kept thelr kitchenware Items for over half a year, desplte heavy Other research, including a study by the Advertising Speciality Institute (ASI) from 2010, confirm this, and the usage. Evidently, promotlonal mugs and cups remaln a powerful way to get your brand In front of people for a long perlod of time and use, but research also supports the effectiveness of this form of advertising. ASI reveal that promotlonal mugs are In the top-5 of the most frequently used Items: important since usage is considered a top priority within the industry. ШШШШ EFFECTIVE ADVERTISING The ASI study revealed that mugs (and other ceramics and glassware) specifically were the best products for ensuring that the user identified the advertiser on the item 57% MUGS 32% RADIO 28% TV This figure is more impressive when considering that the 'advertising recall' of promotional items in general consistently beats radio and television, but is lower than the figure for mugs and related products in particular: According to Dima Marktforschung, 57% of study participants remember the brand or company on promotlonal Items across the board (compared to 32% for radio and 28% for TV). 87% OF RESPONDENTS USING SUCH PRODUCTS IDENTIFIED THE ADVERTISER ON THE ITEM In addition to recall, high advertising impressions' are a real strength of promotional mugs. Such impressions are calculated by multiplying the number of times an item is used by the number of people that see it, a key factor in promotional activities. |80X1++ AD Recall THE NUMBER OF TIMES USED THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE THE ADVERTISING THAT SEE IT RECALL ON AVERAGE, MUGS, CERAMICS & GLASSWARE GENERATE This is highly affordable, with the cost per advertising impression for promotional items low in general, and the cost per impression for mugs and related products reported to be a mere 198 PER MONTH $0.004/ ADVERTISING IMPRESSIONS PER (USD) IMPRESSION According to the ASI OTHER STATS HAD DONE BUSINESS WITH THE ADVERTISER AFTER RECEIVING A MUG (OR GLASSWARE/ CERAMIC) - second only to 'Recognitlon Awards', such as trophles given to 70% PROMOTIONAL MUGS ARE ALSO A GOOD CROSS-DEMOGRAPHIC PRODUCT, which demands less specific targeting than other products. Unlike other categories, mugs and cups are effective across demographics, with universal popularlty among age groups and among both men and women. someone in reward OF RESPONDENTS for performance. MARKET DEVELOPMENTS ONE RECENT TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT AFFECTS THE PRINT USED FOR PROMOTIONAL MUGS: Because modern dishwashers use higher temperature steam cleaning than previous models, full-colour prints degrade quicker. Manufacturers have responded with new methods like 'dye subllmation prints', ensuring high print quality for up to 2,000 washes with techniques such as the modern "Duraglaze' prints. AS WITH ALL PRODUCTS WITHIN DYNAMIC AND QUICKLY EVOLVING INDUSTRIES, developments and changes In technology and trade happening behind the scenes affect the market for X 2,000 WASHES promotional mugs and kitchenware, often unbeknownst to the end user. Political developments in trade and competition law have potentially great affects for the promotional industry and has recently affected the choice of materials used for promotional kitchenware. THE EU MARKET FOR CERAMIC TABLE AND KITCHENWARE IS REPORTEDLY WORTH ABOUT €1.5 BILLION (EUROS), & HALF OF THAT IS RELATED TO PRODUCTS FROM CHINA. IN TERMS OF VOLUME: WORTH €1.5b 80% OF PRODUCTS ARE BELIEVED TO ORIGINATE IN CHINA So some change is inevitable in light of the new regulations: (EU CERAMICS & KITCHENWEAR) As a result of the new duties, the price of ceramics has gone up, potentially benefiting producers in other nations and also potentially benefiting sales of porcelain and bone china - but it has ralsed prices with up to 30% for many importers at the lower end of the promotional items market. ШШ Regardless of potential developments, however, promotional mugs and cups are likely to remain key products in corporate branding and promotional marketing for years to come. The latest bpma research shows that promotional Items really do 'work' as a marketing strategy, and that 'usefulness' (59%) and 'price' (79%) are the two most important factors to consider - among other things, mugs & cups represent both more than many other Items. SOURCE: Advertising Specialty Institute DİMA ( bpma britsh promotional merchandise association Marktforschung Promotional Business Gifts

Why are mugs and cups effective marketing tools?

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A recent survey by the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) and Sourcing Planet has revealed that promotional items such as mugs are extremely effective tools for marketing and brand awa...


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