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What Does Your Logo Say About Your Business?

GO GO Pogo SAYBUSINESS? WHAT DOES YOUR LOGO ABOUT YOUR A Study of the World's Top Brands Found the Following: What COLORS 33% do companies use most? use blue 29% Coca-Cola MIKE 28% use red use black or grayscale facebook. 13% use yellow or gold 95% USE ONLY ONE OR TWO COLORS 41% DisNEy Telloggs use text only 9% don't feature the company name at all Google NBC 5% use more than two colors *all logo images from Google Inmages How can you use this info for your business? Your logo's concept will start with two important elements: color and font. Below, we match up the top colors and fonts used for logo design with the common associations people make with them so you can easily find which option is best for your brand! Color BLUE PURPLE - YAHO! Trust, dependability + strength Very popular for branding Universally wel1-liked Creativity Mysterious + sophisticated Also associated with royalty RED V ORANGE V NICKELODEO Action + energy Eye-grabbing, can evoke a passionate response Can also be considered "aggressive" Energy, friendliness + confidence Can signify a strong, engaging work ethic + productivity YELLOW Sprint Barbie PINK „Ax9 Optimism, positivity, warmth + motivation Generally associated with the sun 1st color the eye registers, so attention-grabbing Femininity Conveys excitement, romance + youthfullness Light pinks have sentimental tones, hot pink have high energy GREEN BROWN A ups Nature + serenity Can imply good health Deeper greens associated with wealth or prestige, lighter greens considered peacetul Deperdability + simplicity Also associated with Tature + strength CIOECUD *all ogo imagea from Google Imagea Font ABCDEFGHIJ KLMNOPQRSTUV WXYZ SERIF RELAK. RaJUvaNATE REFRESH Forts with accents at the ends of letters ORCHID salon and spa Pharactorialics Cxamples Times New Roman Dependable Notable Reputable Trustworthy Conventional Book Antiqua Georgia Esprit Baskerville sal prices SANS SERIE BRIGHT CITY Fonts without accents at the eds of letters heur Characteristics Eramples Helvetica COFFEE · Widespread Fresh Contermporary Unbiased Establiated ORCHID salm pa Него Josaphino Goner w Arial Gotham Calibri SLAB SERIF CARRIAGE Fonts with solicd, rectangular accents - CONSIGNMENT SHOP - Oharactorialics Cxamples Bold Sturdy Firm FRESHMAN Rockwell CARRIAGE SWEET GREENS gaod healihy cape Museo ChunkFive Bevan Current the Hip S7 Jaoqline Lase rta Script Dählia UMARKETC Fonts that imitate handwriting or calligraphy Characteristics Examples Loboter Pacifico Dahlia Fetninine Graceful Welcoming İrteresting CHRISTINA LEWIS Managr A Decr Mele tSuS0 Nayptial Seript Mission Seript Artistic THEDAIUAMARKEL.COM MODERN LANDSCA DING Fonts that are more geometric and sharp www.wAND MEANDSCAPING ea eACLNG Hs pev DrO, PA 20s Oraractoristica Examples Irfrty OIvITRV QARDIN Mojoram Distinctive Chic Trendy Crisp Intelligent ARCHITEXT Natetbuok LAWN CARE SPECIAL SOURCES http:/ ideas/busines-branding-what-do-your-colors-say-about-you/ brand-colors-say-about-your-business.html i-use-ive-principles-for-choosing-and-using-typefaces/ The "Go Go Logo"infographic was designed by 123Print, a leacder in printing personalized business identity products, including affordable business cards. letterhead, address labels, envelopes and presentation folders. Visit to learn more. 123PRINT

What Does Your Logo Say About Your Business?

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Your company logo is talking. What do you want it to say? Check out our guide to designing the perfect company logo!


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